Celebrating the 2012 Olympics and Dora with our Friend Nastia Liukin (VIDEO)

Who is ready for the Olympics? We sure are! As a former teenage gymnast (not exactly an Olympic hopeful, but a gymnast nonetheless!), I’m a huge fan of the Summer Olympics!  In my head I’m tumbling and flipping along with the competitors as I watch them from my couch. (I might break a hip at my age if I attempt any of the moves these days.)

I was so pleased when my 7-year-ol ddaughter showed interest in gymnastics a couple years ago so that I could share my love of the sport with her. Maybe I’ll live out my dream vicariously through her? I don’t know.

We are so excited to help Fisher-Price and our good friend, 5-time Olympic medalist and gymnast Nastia Liukin, celebrate the Summer Olympics and the launch of the new Fantastic Gymnastics Dora Doll. Okay, full disclosure: we aren’t besties with Nastia but she does know what Baby Gizmo is and answered a few of our personal questions for us in the video below. (Yes, those are actually my questions in the video!) This video was made just for us so it IS kind of like we are besties with Nastia, right?!?

Nastia Liukin, 5-time Olympic medalist and gymnast, partnered up with Fisher-Price to inspire young gymnasts with the launch of Fantastic Gymnastics Dora doll – just in time for the Olympics!

Nastia Luikin

Before the 2008 Olympics at the age of 18, she placed three images on her vision board: The Eiffel tower to symbolize a trip to France, a BMW and the 2008 Gold Medal – today, she has all three and continues to share how keeping her goals in front of her at home and in the gym helps her to achieve her dreams. One of the best ways to nurture a love for gymnastics is to find the perfect tumbling buddy –like Fantastic Gymnastics Dora! The interactive-ness of the doll helps encourage children to use their imaginations. She features two routines and seven unique moves so children can coach her through the routines and do the moves alongside with her as they get older. She also says over 40 phrases in English and Spanish, and sings a special gymnastics song.

Nastia Luikin

More about Nastia Liukin:

  • Nastia became a member of the U.S. junior national team when she was 12 years old and won the National all-around title at the age of 13. Since 2005, Nastia has been a key member of the U.S. Senior team.
  • In 2004, Nastia was ten months too young to compete as a senior and was therefore not eligible for a place on the U.S. team for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens although her scores were competitive among the seniors.
  • In 2008, Nastia finally got her chance to compete on the world stage and was qualified to three event finals, more than any other American competitor: beam, uneven bars and floor exercise. She went on to win a total of five medals including the coveted Gold Medal All-Around Title. With her fifth Beijing medal, Liukin tied Mary Lou Retton and Shannon Miller for the most gymnastics medals won by an American in a single Olympic Games.

*Disclosure: I am an official Fisher-Price Play Ambassador. (This doesn’t mean that I can’t tell myself Nastia and Baby Gizmo are besties!) As always, all my statements, opinions and comments are my own.