Chair Apron to the Rescue!

The Chair Apron provides parents with stylish and functional chair seat covers.

We recently tried out the Linen Chair Apron and, well, see for yourself…

This is one of my dining room chairs before adding the Chair Apron

This is the same dining room chair after adding the Chair Apron


The Chair Apron fits standard chair seats that measure up to 22″ x 22″ and has an adjustable strap that goes under the chair to keep it in place. The tie in the back secures around the back of the chair and, just like you would expect from the name, looks like the tie from a wearable apron. It’s an adorable little detail that I love. All Chair Aprons are PVC, BPA, Lead, Phthalate, and Formaldehyde Free. Care is simple- machine wash and hang to dry.

I would say it looks the best over an upholstered chair or a wooden chair with a secured cushion– like our chairs. We tried the Chair Apron on the same chair without the cushion under it and while it worked perfectly fine, it didn’t look as good to me (but I’m picky like that). Now for a larger chair, without a cushion, it would probably look much better.

The Chair Apron under my preschooler’s booster seat looks so much nicer than with the alternative- an ugly kitchen towel! Just make sure you use a booster seat with safety straps that go around the chair back and chair seat when using the Chair Apron. If you plan to use a Chair Apron under a booster seat, you should not use a cushion on the chair/under the Chair Apron for safety reasons. Note: We tried the Chair Apron with a Cooshee Booster and it did not stick to the Chair Apron like it does on the wood of the bare chair.

The Chair Apron comes in Linen solid colors and Eco-Friendly Laminated prints and retails for $39.00