Is the Chevy Tahoe the ONE?

It’s no secret that I have been on a new family vehicle hunt forever! Seriously, it has been months and months and I just can’t decide! This is like a new mom picking a stroller! Which is the perfect fit for MY family?!?

Last Spring we took an extended look at the Chevy Traverse. While it was a great vehicle, I am not sure that was the one. I was originally thinking BIGGER and that one fell into the medium-size SUV.

Well, for the past two weeks, we have been getting to know the Chevy Tahoe in an extended test-drive. It fits the bill for many of the features that I am looking for. Captain chairs? Check. Lots of room? Yep. Comfy? Absolutely. Tons of extras? For sure.

I have to tell you that we have been test driving the 2012 model but it isn’t much different than the 2014. Well, except later in 2014 and 2015, Chevy will be introducing this cool 4G option to really keep us plugged in. Do I wait for that? I’m not sure.

See how wishy-washy I am? Since I clearly haven’t made up my mind and I’m sure there are tons of you out there who are trying to pick the right vehicle for your family, I decided to throw a quick video today of the things that I like about the Chevy Tahoe. Maybe it will help you decide if you like it?