WATCH: Child Falls Out of Moving Car In Car Seat, Mother Returns 15 Minutes Later

Incorrectly installing a child’s car seat was taken to a whole new, horrifying level this past weekend in Mankato, Minnesota. A mother may be facing charges of child endangerment after her 2-year-old daughter’s car seat FELL OUT OF THE MOVING VEHICLE with the CHILD STILL IN THE SEAT.

Mankato public safety commander Daniel Schisel told ABC News  that the child was strapped in the car seat correctly, but the car seat itself was not strapped to the backseat of the vehicle. NOTE: We’d have to disagree that the child was buckled in the seat correctly because from watching the video and seeing the puffy coat and the placement of the 5-point harness, the child WAS NOT buckled in correctly.

Truck driver, Chad Mock, was driving behind the mother’s vehicle and caught the entire terrifying thing on his dashcam video.

Mock immediately stopped his vehicle and ran to the child STILL STRAPPED TO THE CAR SEAT in the middle of the road and tried to flag down the mother as she drove away.

Shockingly, it is reported that the mother didn’t notice her child FELL OUT OF THE VEHICLE (CAR SEAT AND ALL!) even though the car door opened, remained open for a few hundred feet and then closed as she accelerated through a stop light. The mother showed back up at the scene on foot about 15 minutes later.

Thankfully, the toddler suffered no injuries, according to the Mankato police. The police department is also requesting that the mother be charged with child endangerment.