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  1. That just about sums up everything. Celebrity parents like Ali Landry and I guess each one of us ought to take child safety to the next level.

    Thanks for a great read, Hollie!

  2. Some really good advices! Ian Ziering had the best point made, that you should keep your babies rearward facing until they are at least 4 years old. I work with carseats in a shop in Sweden, and here it is custom to have it that way.The children are so very much more protected in case of an accident in a rearward facing carseat, you can’t imagine the difference, it’s huge. The necks of small children are so fragile, and the forces in a crash is extreme. So for best protection, let the carseat stop the head from throwing forward! We have a very low share of severe injuries/death cases for children under the age of four, and that is thanks to rearward facing travelling. But, of course, we also have problems with e.g. old carseats and incorrest using. So I will take your advices as an inspiration to have in mind in my daily work. And I hope that we can export our rearward ideas over the world – for the safety of all children.

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