Child Passenger Safety Week – Day 1

Car Seat Safety Week

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At Baby Gizmo, car seat safety is at the top of our list of what keeps us up at night. Improper use of car seats is a serious epidemic in this country. It seems like every day we see it – a child riding on a lap (true story!), a toddler in a booster seat too soon, twisted straps, the chest clip in the wrong place, forward-facing babies who should be rear-facing, expired car seats from the 90s…the list goes on and on.

As one of the leaders in the world of baby gear resources, we feel it is our duty to help spread the word about Child Passenger Safety Week (September 17-22). The devastating fact that three out of four child safety seats are improperly installed in vehicles (according to research by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) should have us all sit up and take notice.

75% of car seats are used incorrectly!

Motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. are the leading cause of death for children ages 3 and older.

Incorrectly used car seats can be DEADLY!

This week we are spreading awareness all about car seat safety through tips, giveaways and videos! Each day we will share a tip whether it is in photos or videos and hold a giveaway to give two lucky winners a brand new Britax G3 Convertible Car Seat of their choice! Each day you will probably have to do something different to enter the giveaway, so make sure you come back each and every day to see what we are up to!

Today is DAY 1!

We are starting off with a bang and sharing 20 tips from 20 of our closest friends! Watch the video very closely paying attention to the tips because there will be a quiz for the giveaway below.



Two lucky readers will win a Britax G3 Convertible Car Seat of their choice. This giveaway is open to US residents only!

Brirax G3

Knowing that accidents can come from any angle, BRITAX designs seats with innovative safety technologies to provide the child with 360 degrees of protection. And now parents can see for themselves! The ADVOCATE 70-G3, PAVILION 70-G3 and BOULEVARD 70-G3 feature new BRITAX HUGS Chest Pads with SafeCell Technology. These chest pads are affixed to the back of the car seat shell to ensure that they are properly positioned on the buckled child. SafeCell padding on the chest pads, identified by a honeycomb design, is engineered to compress to manage energy and create best-in-class resistance to the forward movement of a child in the event of a crash.

All of the newly updated BRITAX convertible car seats continue to offer revolutionary safety features that are easy to see. For instance, all seats have a rigid shell with deep side walls that are lined with energy-absorbing foam to provide side impact protection. The ADVOCATE 70-G3, PAVILION 70-G3 and BOULEVARD 70-G3 offer a second layer of protection with energy-absorbing foam in the True Side Impact Protection head restraint that keeps the head, neck and spine aligned. Finally, the ADVOCATE 70-G3 includes Side Impact Cushion Technology, a third layer of protection, with black energy-absorbing cushions on the child seat’s exterior to reduce side impact energy by diverting 45 percent of the crash forces away from the seated child. These cushions also provide extra protection for the adjacent passenger.

Britax G3 Convertible Car Seats have these stand-out features with “safety you can see”!

  • New HUGS with SafeCell Technology
  • Side Impact Protection
  • Base with SafeCell Technology
  • Energy Absorbing Versa-Tether
  • Integrated Steel Bars


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