Child Passenger Safety Week Day 5 – Five Point Harness (GIVEAWAY)

Child Passenger Safety Week Day 5 – Five Point Harness (GIVEAWAY)

Did you watch the video above? You should. And share it. With your kids. It’s really not that big of a deal to keep a child in a 5-point harness.

It is the final day of our Child Passenger Safety Week celebration and we are focusing on the 5-point harness.

At Baby Gizmo we believe that kids riding in a 5-point harness car seat as long as they can is safer. That’s it. It is safer.

We know many parents are itching to move their 3 and 4-year-olds to a booster seat with the seat belt because they just think that is what they are supposed to do. Just because a booster seat CAN be used with a 40 lb child doesn’t mean that you should do that. That is the MINIMUM weight and we aren’t willing to go with minimum.

Here’s the thing: Sometimes seat belts can fail. Sure, it’s rare but it can happen. If a seat belt fails in a crash and you have a little 40 lb four-year-old in a booster seat, there is a chance your child could be ejected from the seat. You never, ever want your child ejected from the seat! A 5 point harness doesn’t fail!

Here is another way to look at it: NASCAR drivers are all required to wear a 5-point harness. Why? Because it is safest! I know you are going to immediately tell me that YOU are not a NASCAR driver but you can’t imagine the amount of force that will hit your child in a crash even if you aren’t doing race car speeds. If car manufacturers would come up with a standard 5-point harness for the regular ole’ mom driver, I would sign right up!

And yet another way to look at it: Do you have a child that sometimes falls asleep in the car? Don’t we all? If you have a small child in a booster seat that tends to fall asleep, their head starts to hang down and their body starts to shift. A seat belt is only good if it is positioned perfectly on the child. A sleeping, shifting child is not positioned perfectly. If that same child was in a 5-point harness, the harness does not shift even if they fall asleep. This same idea pertains to a wiggling child that is trying to hit his sister, reach for a toy, grab something from the floor or basically move around like they have ants in their pants like most 3-5 year olds do. They move around, the seat belt doesn’t stay in the proper position, they are subject to more injury in the case of a crash.

Thankfully, the car seat industry has been evolving with the times and there are many seats available that have a high weight limit 5-point harness. We are talking up to 85 lbs and 57 inches with the 5-point harness! The Britax Frontier 85 SICT will hold up to the average size 11 year old!

Am I telling you that you have to put your pre-teen in a 5-point harness? Well, not really but you can bet that my almost 8 year old is riding in a 5-point and will for a while. Again, I would ride in a 5-point if it was offered! Yet, when we pick up other kids her age (or even my 5 year old’s friends), the kids looks at me in horror as I welcome them into my car with a “harness up, my friend!”.

I don’t care.

I can pretty much bet you that my daughter is probably the only one in her 2nd grade class who still sits in a 5-point harness. Again, I don’t care. And neither should you! Can we just all agree to leave our children in a 5-point harness car seat until they are at least 6 years old? Or longer? Please?

Okay, I’m stepping off my 5-point harness soapbox and getting to the GIVEAWAY!


TWO lucky participants will win a Britax G3 Convertible Car Seat of their choice OR they want to keep their child in a 5-point harness even longer, winner can choose a Britax Frontier SICT 85. This giveaway is open to US residents only! (Yep, we want to get as many of these fabulous bad boys in parent’s hands that we can this week!)

Britax G3 Seats + Frontier


Below are some of the entry methods explained in case you are just joining us today. All entry methods need to be completed and marked off on the Rafflecopter entry form at the bottom for you to actually be entered to win!

1) Post a blog comment by telling us one reason to keep your child in a 5-point harness longer.

2) “PIN” our Baby Gizmo video (above) to one of your Pinterest boards and put “ wants kids in 5-point harnesses longer. (You can “pin” the video by hitting the “Pin It” button at the top of this post OR grabbing the URL of this blog post and pinning directly on the Pinterest site (with this URL OR you can go to Baby Gizmo’s Pinterest Page and just re-pin the video there.)

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4) Follow the directions on the Rafflecopter widget below to make sure you are entered and for more entry opportunities for those parents who do not have a rear-facing child!

*You can only do each entry method ONCE. Please do not cheat and enter more than that! Doing each entry method will require a few different blog comments so don’t worry about commenting more than once (or you can just combine all your answers into one comment). Just follow the Rafflecopter directions. Today’s Giveaway STARTS now and ends TONIGHT Friday, September 21, 2012 at 11:59pm EST.

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  1. I know this is an old thread but in hoping someone will still be notified. I’m trying find a five point harness that my five year old can actually unbuckle and buckle into herself. She’s in kindergarten now and everyday in carpool if have to get out of my seat to let her out of hers and then in the afternoon get out to get her buckled in. Any suggestions?

  2. This made me so happy! My 5-year-old is still in a 5-point-harness and I have caught some major flack about it. So glad to see others doing this as well. The safety of my child is more important than the judgments received.

  3. Safety trumps all! My almost 7-year-old is still 5-pointed, and he is 49″ and 53 lbs and in Grade 2. His sister is 4 1/2, 45″ and 49 lbs in a Nautilus. Ok seat, but Britax is so much comfier (and, I think, safer). Could sure use one!

  4. Thank you so much for this video! I was laughed at for keeping my son rear facing till he was 22m/o bc he is on the smaller side (and unfortantually caved into pressure to turn him around). Now that my boys are 4y/o & 5y/o I still keep them in a 5-point harness car seat, which I have receive A LOT of grief about!! I am so thankful to know I am not the only one out there who will have their kids in a 5-point harness for longer =) Thank you for supporting the parents out there who also agree!! I totally shared this on my Facebook page w/ a lot of pride!

  5. A 5-point harness is the safest way to secure my granddaughter. She is the most precious thing to me & her safety is our number one priority!

  6. It’s the safest thing for your child! My 5, almost 6, year old is still in a 5 point harness. He can buckle and unbuckle it completely by himself, and doesn’t complain about it at all. I’m definitely keeping him in there until is just isn’t feasible anymore.

  7. I’ve seen and had friends in some pretty horrific car accidents. All of them said the seat belt saved them- they even have the bruises to prove it. I would hate if something worse than bruising happened to my child because he wasn’t restrained as well as he could be. So I will use the harness as long as I can with him.

  8. One reason to leave them in a five point harness is because we can with these great car seats and it is safest! The safer the better for these sweet babies of ours!

  9. I will use a 5 point harness for as long as possible because it is the safest choice. A 5 point harness doesn’t fail AND my girls feel much more secure in them!

  10. Smart mom. Cute video. Safety over judgement any day! My 13 mos old daughter is ready for a convertible seat. Would love to win one for her 🙂

  11. I like the 5 point harness because it keeps the baby/child secure and safer in their car seat at all times. Especially during a car accident to prevent sliding or falling out.

  12. It’s safer!!! And for long road trips they can actually sleep with their head against the car seat vs a sore neck from being slouched down in a booster.

  13. I need to keep my daughter in a 5 point harness longer because she is always moving and would not be safe in a regular booster seat. Plus, having 3 kids 3 and under means lots of moving and shaking in the backseat!

  14. It is safest for a child to stay in a five point harness because they do not fail. So when my son falls asleep in the car (which he does on a daily basis) the harness doesnt move, keeping him very safe.

  15. We still have our six year old in a Frontier (not sure the model ~ it’s not the newest one) with the five point harness because it safer for him. I agree with all your points, in particular, if he falls asleep (which he did today in just the short 10 minute ride from the grocery store to the house) he is not going to slide down and be in a less than ideal position, God forbid, we are involved in a collision. Thanks for all the giveaways and the trying to get this vital info out. PS. I’ll sign up for a five point harness too if they start making them for adults.

  16. Not only is it safer, but my four year old doesn’t even know the difference! This is all she knows, so why would I change it and put her in a seatbelt only? Plus, it keeps her where she needs to be, instead of all over the place, leaning out of the seatbelt! 🙂

  17. Not only is it safer, but my four year old doesn’t even know the difference! This is all she knows, so why would I change it and put her in a seatbelt only? Plus, it keeps her where she needs to be, instead of all over the place, leaning out of the seatbelt!

  18. Because I know my son will be safest with it. I will keep him in a 5 point harness as long as I can. I don’t want anything to ever happen to my sweet baby 🙂

  19. Keeping your child in a 5 point harness as long as possible is the safest way for your child to ride. Especially if the child tends to wiggle or fall asleep. The seat belt will not keep them safe if they aren’t positioned correctly.

  20. My seven year old is still in a Diono in my car. He doesn’t like it but that is part of being a parent you can’t always be their best friend.

  21. I want to give my kids the best possible chance of leaving an accident unharmed. A 5-point harness does that. Both my 4-year-old and my 15-month-old will stay in 5-point harnesses until we can no longer find seats to fit them.

  22. I am not entering the contest as we are already a Britax family. They are worth every single penny! My daughter had the Britax Advantage, an earlier version of my son’s now Britax Advocate CS. She rode in it until almost age 10 – it was comfy and safe. My 3 year old son’s was safe and sound this past May when a woman crossed the center line and hit our minivan head on. Thank goodness for Britax and their 5-point harnesses!

  23. Kids who tend to fall asleep in the car and/or wriggle around are best kept in a 5point harness seat because it keeps them in the proper seated position thereby reducing risk of injury in case of an accident.

  24. It is so much safer to keep them in a 5 point harness for as long as possible, and when it comes to our kiddo’s we want to do whatever we can to keep them safe in the vehicle!

  25. If you have a small child in a booster seat that tends to fall asleep, their head starts to hang down and their body starts to shift. A seat belt is only good if it is positioned perfectly on the child. A sleeping, shifting child is not positioned perfectly. If that same child was in a 5-point harness, the harness does not shift even if they fall asleep.

  26. Sometimes I think it is a design that should be used in the adult seats as well. I plan to keep my girls in it as long as possible. The seatbelt in a car is just not designed for a wiggling kid.

  27. The 5-point harness is safest because there is a small chance that the seat belt could fail.

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  28. Mainly because I don’t feel my child is mature enough to keep the seatbelt in the correct position or fully understand/ agree with why they should. Safety first!

  29. Once they move out of the 5-point harness, they have too much freedom and I have to remind them over and over to sit right in the seat so their seatbelt will work.

  30. It’s good to keep your child in a 5-point harness longer because sometimes kids fall asleep in the car and their head and body start to shift, sometimes leaving them in positions no longer safe.

  31. One reason is because the 5 point harness keeps them safer as seatbelts can sometimes fail in an accident but the harness keeps them snug in their seat.

  32. I shared the video and tagged you on FB.

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    Thank you for the chance to win an awesome car seat! 🙂

  33. A 5 point harness is THE safest for all children! We are in the market for the next car seat. My little one is just now outgrowing the infant seat at 18 months!

  34. We did ERFing, so this is the next logical step. My girls are skinny and often even my seatbelt isn’t in the correct position, Sony don’t expect my 3 yo to keep hers that way.. pinned and shared in FB 😉

  35. My pinterest name is missmommy2. I’m not sure about the Rafflecopter…. but I did a fb post tagging Baby Gizmo, commented and re pinned.

  36. My daughters will both be in a 5 pt harness for as long as I can do it. I want the very best for them especially in terms of car safety. So far they don’t think anything about it. Although they are both tall, I want them to be in a 5 pt harness because it ensures the best fit and I don’t have to worry about the harness slipping or failing. Great contest!! I make everyone in my car ride in a harness too.

  37. The 5 point harness fits the child better, therefore keeping them safer. Plus, they are harder to get out for those older kids who try to.

  38. I don’t want my child ejected out of his car seat if a seat belt fails. If a Nascar driver is safest in a 5 point harness, then my child will be the safest in one, too!

  39. Because my daughter is a wiggler!! She is only 2 now, but I plan to keep her harnessed until she outgrows the weight/height limit!

  40. We plan on keeping our children in a 5 point until they grow out of it of course for safety!! Plus, it is easy to put them in and gives us peace of mind that they are properly secured!

  41. My kids are staying in 5pt harnesses as long as possble! Have one Frontier and need another for daddy’s car. BIG supporter of ERF – both boys were nearly three when we turned them FF.

  42. The main reason I plan on keeping my babes in a 5 point harness is for safety! My mind is more at ease especially when someone besides me is driving my little ones!

  43. I once saw a video about a little boy who had horrible injuries because his parents just had him in a booster. The Dr said if he had been in a 5pt he would have just had some bruising and scrapes. That day I vowed to keep my LO rear facing til at least 2 and in a 5pt until he no longer fit…..

  44. 5 point harnesses don’t fail like a regular seat belt can. God forbid we ever get in an accident. But if we ever did I’d want my child to be as safe as possible. I can’t control other drivers but I can take measures on my end to make things as safe as possible for a “what if” accident.

  45. I want to keep my baby in a 5 point harness for as long as possible because a vehicle is a very scary place to be and I want my baby safe as possible for as long as possible!

  46. I keep my kids in a 5 pt b/c I know they are safer. They sleep quite a lot, so I know with a booster they wouldnt be properly protected. My son is at 39 lbs (limit 40) so we have to get a new car seat for him in the next few weeks anyhow, this would be perfect!

  47. A 5 point harness is safer than a booster seat with a regular seatbelt. Especially for a wiggly child or one that falls asleep and slumps down.

    Pinned. Eileen McLeod.

  48. My daughter rode in a 5pt harness until she was in 2nd grade! She got bumped out by a younger sibling needing her seat! My 11yo is still in a high back booster in our van and will be until he’s too tall for it!

  49. 5 point harness carseats keep kids much safer in a crash. We live in FL and as of 4 kids don’t need to be in any type of car seat. CRAZY! My 4 1/2 yr old is outgrowing his convertable car seat. We could really use the Britax booster as I know my husband would rather buy a $20 backless booster than an expensive harness booster.

  50. Shared on facebook also… we believe in extended us of a 5 point harness… Just ask my 6 year old. She doesn’t love that she is one of a small group of her friends in a 5 pt harness, but it is safer, so she has to… as the video says, Mom makes the rules.

  51. There’s a reason why Nascar drivers use 5-point harnesses…they are safer than regular seatbelts! We gotta protect our kiddos!!

  52. I will keep my almost four year old daughter harnessed as long as I can because it is the safest. My job as a momma is to keep my kid safe and this is such an easy way I can keep her safe. Car accidents are a leading cause of injury and death for children, my daughter’s life is much to precious for convenience or to follow what others are doing or so she can hit a “milestone” of being in a plain belt sooner.

  53. Seat belts are not designed for kids; a five-point harness is, making it the safer option!! My son will stay in a five-point harness as long as possible!!

  54. A 5 point harness is definitely the safer option for children because it will secure their upper body more successfully in the event of a crash.

  55. Pinned it! Becky M is my Pinterest name

    I’m keeping my kiddos in a five point harness as long as absolutely possible, not only because it’s safest but also because they do tend to fall asleep in the car. I would hate for them to be injured because they weren’t sitting perfectly in a booster and fell asleep. I would love to win the Frontier so I can keep my 4 year old in a 5-point longer!

  56. A 5 point harness does not shift location like a seatbelt does. It’s the smartest and safest choice! The seatbelt fails at times…the five-point harness never fails!

  57. With 5 kids keeping them in 5pt harnesses is not only safer it prevents various fighting issues like who gets to sit where (everyone in their designated car seat!) and they are some what separated from each other by the seats so they can’t “lean” on each other or touch each other too much. Lots of benefits!

  58. I not only believe in keeping my children in 5 point harnesses longer but I also believe rear facing is safest for as long as possible according to our seats ratings. Why not do everything I can to keep my kids as safe as possible?

  59. My older kids all stayed in a 5point harness till they were at least 7 years old and I plan on keeping my little one in one as long as possible too because they are so much safer.

  60. My son is 6 and still in a 5 point harness. I feel like that in case of a wreck he will be more protected. It’s all about keeping him as safe as possible!

  61. 5-pt harnesses are the safest! My almost 7-year-old is still harnessed in his Frontier! My 4-year-old will be for a long time yet!

  62. I like the 5 point harness carseats because they are safer and they are more confertable for kids, especially if they fall asleep in the car.

  63. A five point harness will keep the child in place. Btw, my 6.5 year old, 42 pound daughter is still in a 5 point harness and has no issue with it at all, because she knows how much safer it is!!

  64. If your child falls asleep in a 5 point harness, they will remain in a safe position, unlike if they fall asleep secured by just a seat belt.

  65. I love this one, this is a great giveaway, what more to get parents involved then in car safety , its just so over looked, great job baby gizmo you ROCK!

  66. Car accidents are the leading cause of infant/child death under the age of 12.

    Why wouldn’t every parent take every precaution to make sure their child isn’t part of that statistic! We can’t always avoid the accidents, but we can make sure our children are as protected as possible in the even we are involved in one!

  67. I have a 5-point harness for my 4 year old and will keep him in it until he is too heavy or tall to fit! It’s a Recro (like NASCAR) so he thinks it’s cool.

  68. You can trust your own driving but never the other people on the road..Place your child in a safety restraint everytime to show how much you love them and keep them safe. Never leave their young lives unprotected in a vehicle!

  69. I keep my child harnessed because she is a wiggleworm, and is in no way mature enough to sit in a booster properly. I also do it to be an example to others, so that I can talk to them about carseat safety when they ask why my child is still harnessed, or why my younger child is still rear-facing.

  70. As a parent you want the best for your child; regardless of the circumstance. Having your child in a 5 point harness IS the best for them & as a parent that’s your responsibility… I don’t see why people question & challenge this recommendation it seems like such an easy one to follow.

  71. A five-point harness keeps them safer even when they fall asleep and is easier to keep in position than a seat belt. My six year old is still in a five-point harness and is not happy about it—but I am, because the value of her life far outweighs the complaints.

  72. I keep my child in the harness because I feel more secure knowing that if we are in an accident he is protected in more than a regular seat belt and because the old car seat he climbed out of

  73. I am keeping my child in a 5-pt harness because at as a petite 5 1/2 year-old who was born 14 weeks early, my daughters hip bones are not strong enough to be in a seat belt yet. She also isn’t old enough to keep herself properly situated in a seat belt on long car rides. She knows it’s what safest and she is quick to tell you about it!!!

    I will also be harnessing my 2 year old for a very long time. He’s just too busy to be kept safe in a regular seat belt.

  74. We kept our son rear-facing as long as possible because we liked him to have as much protection as possible in case of an accident. Also, because he didn’t mind at all; when he got taller, he just folded his legs. Maybe he knew on some level that he was cozy and safer!

  75. You should keep your child in a five point harness as long as possible because a seat belt is only good if it is positioned perfectly on the child.

  76. My husband is a CPST and my kids will all be in a 5 point harness until the VERY limits of the car seat. If we could retrofit our van with 5 point forever, we would!

  77. So much safer for a child to be in a five point harness… I cannot believe that my 4.5 year old is one of only a few in his class still using a 5 pt harness!

  78. You should keep your child in a five point harness as long as possible because seat belts can fail, leading the child to be ejected from the seat!

  79. I will keep my son in a 5pt harness as long as he fits, WHY? because it’s the safetst for him. They hold your child in position better than a regular seatbelt. And his safety is the most important thing to me!

  80. I keep my 5.5yr old and almost 7yr old in five point harnesses because they can not stay seated properly in a booster and therefore are not safe in one.

  81. So much safer for a child to be in a five point harness…race car drivers use them….it’s a great way to show kids that it is so cool!!!

  82. i left my now almost 9 year old in a harness until 7. it was safest for him. i know for a fact he was the only one in his class in a harness. one of the few even in a carseat. a harness is safest until they can use a booster properly at all times in the car!

  83. Like all parents, I want to do what is safest for my children; thanks for getting the word out about the safety of a 5-point harness!

  84. For the great love of my child! I want him to be in the safest and most secure seat in my car. I can always drive safely but I can never guarantee everyone else will. Some days it may take a little longer or I’m running late but once I see him snugly in his Britax 5- point harness a sense of calm returns.

  85. One reason to keep your child in a 5 point harness longer? It’s safer!! 🙂 Little kids tend to fall asleep in the car and then their body shifts around and a regular seat belt would no longer be positioned properly.

  86. Its a 5 point Harness for us for as long as possible! I still get funny looks for rear facing my son, but its okay because I know he is safest that way.

  87. I will keep my child in a 5 point harness as long as they fit. A booster isnt enough when a child will not keep the seat belt in the proper position. A 5 point harness is the safest way to travel with a child.

  88. I’m leaving my little twins in their 5-point harness for as long as they can be. I feel it is the safest way for them to be in a car. I’m not even putting them on a school bus because they do not have seat belts. I want whats is best for my children.

  89. Yes, we do it because it is safer! My baby doesn’t like sitting in a car seat and he moves around a lot so a 5-point harness will keep him strapped in and positioned properly. As a parent it is great to know that his body won’t shift when he falls asleep and it will reduce a chance of injury in the case of car accident!! 🙂

  90. I will continue to have my kids harnessed as long as possible because it is safest for them. The minimum isn’t enough when it comes to my children’s health and safety. Thank you for educating parents!!!

  91. We do it because it’s the safest place for them to be!

    Our 7 1/2 year old will be in her Frontier85 for a long time yet! LOL. But for us to keep her there, we’re going to have to get a seat for her younger brother!

  92. To a point, I keep my children in the 5 point harness for safety- and then after that I keep them in it because it’s easier than buckling a booster.

  93. Five point harnesses are safest! And my state requires extended carseats/boosters, so it might as well be 5point!

    PS- Your daughter is adorable!

  94. My daughter is a very tall 5 year that still sits in her 5 point harness carseat. Like you were saying most of her friend are in these tiny booster seat that use te cars seatbelt and it has always scared me. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only mom keeping her kids in a 5 point harness at this age and size Keep up the great work informing moms 🙂

  95. Keep them in them becuase they can’t fit into seatbelts correctly yet for their height and weight. It is also safer for them in a crash since the seat asborbs some impact

  96. My 7 1/2 and 5 year old are still in their 5 point harness seats, along with my rear facing 18 month old. They don’t know anyway else. It is safer to be in a 5 point harness than a booster.

  97. My daughter is very petite and falls asleep a lot during the commute to/from work and daycare. The 5-point harness is definitely the safest for her and everyone else!

  98. I keep my 6 year old (and my other two children) in a 5 point harness because I think they deserve every opportunity for a safe, happy, healthy life and a safe ride in the car is an easy step in that direction.

  99. 5 point harness is the safest way for my 3 year old to travel. He is very big for his age and I plan to keep him in one as long as he will fit.

  100. It’s safer because any five year old that wants out of the regular seat belt is more than capable of unbuckling…just like my almost 5 year old does, whenever she pleases! She fought the carseat like no other! I wish I hadn’t given in and she was still harnessed but you live and learn after the first one!

    By the way, there’s a Macy’s pop up that is ANNOYING to deal with on an iPad! That lil baby prevents you from clicking on most of the links around the page!

  101. It is safest to be in a 5 point harness until a child is old enough to sit in a booster correctly 100% of the time. This doesn’t usually happen until they are 6 or older.

  102. My pinterest name is Rachel Emhoff. I pinned the link too this page because I couldn’t figure out how to do the video directly.

  103. I keep my child in a five point harness longer because he is too precious and valuable to not give him the safest best environment I can!

  104. My 6 year old is very skinny for her age. She just outgrew her 5 point harness and we can’t seem to find one with a higher weight limit that we can afford right now. We have 3 other daughters who are all in a 5point harness now and hate to have the oldest out of one. Help!

  105. I completely agree. My 6 year old is in a 5 pt harness and I plan to keep him in it for as long as possible. He is one of the only kids in his class to still be in a 5 pt harness. He doesn’t care and I don’t care. I’ve noticed at pick-up that many parents do not even have their kids in boosters and just use the seatbelt.

    1) Why use a 5 pt harness? Simply put because it is safest. I want what is safest for my children.

  106. This should be on national news. Seriously! It’s so much safer. I wish more car companies would accommodate rear face center installs with the frame hooks, too.

  107. I keep my boys in a 5 point harness longer because they know how to unbuckle the car seat belt and I’m afraid they would unbuckle while I’m driving. They do not know how to unbuckle a 5-point harness. It’s safer that way!

  108. keep your kids in a 5 point harness as long as possible because it’s safer! Thanks to your posts this week I”ve decided to put my 40lb 4year old back in a 5 point harness (she went into a booster at 3 years 30lbs when she outgrew her 40lb harness by height, the booster seat says right on it “3years and 30lbs”, so I thought it was ok, I just didn’t know better. I would LOVE to win the frontier, as a 1 income family it’s just not in our budget to buy DD a new seat, I’m talking, we’d have to not eat for 2 weeks to buy a new seat. Hope I win!

  109. 5 Point harness are the safest for my children – one reason to keep them in a 5 point is that a seat belt can’t hold your child as safe as a 5 point harness.

  110. Both my sons will be in car seats beyond minimum specs, including the 5-point harness rule, because it’s just safer. And unless you change it on them, they don’t know any different anyway!

  111. One reason to keep children in a 5 point harness longer is because younger children are generally unable to sit perfectly still with seatbelt in the proper position for the entire drive, which means they are at risk for ejection or massive internal injuries

  112. Tagged and posted on fb… From mobile the tagging didnt seem to work :/ i can send a screenshot to prove though if i get lucky and win 🙂

  113. Given the option between a seatbelt and a 5 point harness, the 5 point harness is a no-brainer! I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to ensure my child’s safety. Better safe than sorry.

  114. I’m in no rush to switch my son to a booster seat because I like to know he’s as safe as possible. A seat belt can’t hold your child as snug as the 5-point harness.

  115. I am keeping my four year old in a five point harness because he is not mature enough for a booster. He will not sit properly in a booster seat 100% of the time. Therefore it is unsafe. He will be in a five point harness until he outgrows his Frontier 85.

  116. The biggest reason (for me) to keep your child in a 5 point harness is that it keeps them in their seat! If I let my almost 4 year old ride in the car with a booster (and thus, just a seat belt) I can guarantee she’d be reaching for stuff and squirming her way out of it to do other stuff. She was bad enough the last time we had to ride in a plane (she was closer to 3 1/2 then) and I opted to forgo her car seat because I already had to drag her younger sister’s car seat, as well as both girls and everything else all by myself.. Point is, it’s safest because it keeps them where they’re supposed to be.

  117. My almost 8 year old is still in a 5-point harness and has not complained once. My 3 year old will need to switch to a bigger seat next year so I would love another 5-point harness carseat!

  118. I’m keeping Ava in a 5 point harness as long as possible because it helps to keep my little wiggle worm safe. A seat belt would NOT stay in the proper position.

  119. We hope that our daughter is so accustomed to wearing her five-point harness that it never becomes an issue of should we or shouldn’t we? Her safety is foremost.

  120. Wow , the video was great and the review was so good. I almost teared up, I have a 3 1/2 year old currently and have been wondering. When does he need to move to a booster? I have read at “4” and I thought “Seriously?! He is still so young and little!” The part about them falling asleep, yup almost everytime we are in the car! The thought of him being ejected from his seat because of my lack of knowledge on carseat safety absolutely kills me! I’m so glad you wrote this so now I know that it’s ok and MUCH safer to keep him in the harness as long as possibly. Thanks A MILLION!

  121. 5 point harness is the safer because where you put them is where they stay. Without a 5 point harness If they fall asleep, fidget, try to get stuff off the floor, etc you never know where they will end up. It’s just not worth the risk!

  122. My five yr old nephew is in a 5 point harnass and you can bet he slumps and slouches when he sleeps. but BECAUSE of that harness i know he is still safe unlike if he were to be in a booster with a seat belt. 5 point harness = safer, so why not?!

  123. I keep my kids in a five point harness as long as possible because its safer…and if you listen to my hubby, apparently I *do* drive like a Nascar driver lol

  124. Being the mom of a very active little boy, a five point harness is the safest option for when he gets squirmy. He also tends to fall asleep at the drop of a hat, so it will keep him in the best and safest position possible while snoozing. I plan to keep him in one as long as he can.

  125. Keeping your child in a 5 point harness longer is better because when they fall asleep it does not move with them as a normal seat belt would, thus a much safer option!!


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