Chocolate Pirate’s Booty: No, You Aren’t Dreaming

Chocolate Pirate's Booty: No, You Aren't Dreaming
I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Pirate’s Booty has released a line of chocolate booty exclusive to Whole Foods. Can you say, “I’ve died and gone to heaven?”. I first bought the cheddar booty (Warning: I’m going to use the word “booty” as often as possible) as a snack for my pre-schooler’s lunch, and I ultimately ended up scarfing down the entire booty bounty one afternoon while she was at school. Lying to my daughter about the whereabouts of her booty was not a proud moment for me, but it was totally worth it. Oh yes, it was.
There is one thing you should know about chocolate booty: it takes some getting used to. The combination of sweet chocolate with the light and airy texture of the savory booty sounds strange, but something that seems so wrong is so right. So, so right.
I’m not crazy about feeding my kids sugary snacks, but let me be honest: Do I really buy Pirate’s Booty just for my kids? Can I really be counted on to keep my paws off their booty? No way.
Thank you Pirate’s Booty. Thank you Whole Foods. Thank you universe.


  1. It’s not exclusive to whole foods, so if anyone lives in CT, stop by Walter Stewart’s Market in New Canaan for Chocolate Pirate’s Booty. thanks.


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