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  1. Thanks Karen!

    Lisa, as Laura said, the red stroller is the Guzzie and Guss 1 + 1 Gabriola stroller. Hollie reviewed it here It’s a little heavy, but I love it 🙂

    Meg I definitely think there are benefits to both. Strollers are like shoes, you can never have enough? 😉

  2. See, and I adore my side-by-side. I have a Bumbleride Indie Twin, and it fits through doors just fine and most store aisles. Tandems are harder on my wrists and harder to push (or at least the ones I tried) so the side-by-side was an easy decision. Which side-by-side was a harder decision. However, I do know. DO NOT buy the Peg Perego Aria 60/40 which is the picture of the side-by-side. That stroller is awful. I have one sitting in my basement. I wouldn’t give it to my worst enemy.

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