Choosing Baby Names

Choosing Baby Names

I have a weird tendencey to look up baby names. All the time. I like looking up their meaning. How they rank in popularity. People in pop culture who have that name. Whatever. is a great site to do this. I especially love all the crazy lists they have like- “If you like Ella, you’ll like these” or “Old lady names” There’s a ton of awesome lists and forums like that.


First off, lets talk the popular list. I LOVE these. It’s so fun to see what names have become trendy the past year.

2012 Most popular boy names-

1. Liam

2. Ethan

3. Noah

4. Mason

5. Jacob

6. Jack

7. Aiden

8. Jackson

9. Logan

10. Lucas

2012 Most popular girl names-

1. Sophia

2. Isabella

3. Emma

4. Olivia

5. Ava

6. Emily

7. Abigail

8. Madison

9. Mia

10. Chloe


I have a sixth sense in that I always seem to like uncommon girl names that become very popular. If my son had been a girl he would have been named Stella. After he was born this name became one of the top girl names that year. Shortly after, I decided a future daughter of mine would be name Charlotte and now that’s on the popular list. My next pick was Olive. I never thought  this would reach popularity but Drew Barrymore just gave birth to a daughter and named her Olive. I’m predicting that this will be a top name in 2013. Now I’ve come up with a fourth girl name for a future daughter and I’m not telling anyone so I don’t jinx it in the hopes that it stays uncommon.

For the record, I’m not pregnant. My husband and I do, however, have two more boys names picked complete with  middle names so we’re pretty set for the future. When choosing baby names, do most people plan ahead like we do, or do you still debate it until the baby is born? It also always interests me how people choose names for their children. Do they just choose strictly based on what they like? Go with a current trend or something off the popular list I talked about earlier? Name all their children with the same initials? All the kids in my husbands family have a D first name and a middle name that starts with L. Pretty cool. Name after relatives?

All of the  names I have chosen are named partly for loved ones. When it comes to names, it’s important to me to name my child after someone loved, missed, looked up to, or honored. Personally, I don’t think there’s any greater gift than someone naming their baby after you. I love that. My son is named after both his grandpas. My dad’s middle name is his first name and my husbands dads middle name is his middle name. It just so happens that all the names we have picked for future children are also named after relatives plus the first names end in S and the middle names in L.


So what about you? How did you choose your children’s names? Are they named after anyone? Do your children’s names all share something in common? Did you use any name books or sites to help you choose names? I love hearing about this kind of stuff so please leave us a comment and let us know!

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  1. Desperately working on naming our second child, a boy, due to arrive in less than one month!
    I am sure you are a reader of Swistle’s baby name blog, but if not, you have to check it out. I am an avid daily reader, for all of the reasons you listed – curiosity on how people choose names, and if there are patterns, challenges, etc.

  2. I too have to have my names picked out before I become pregnant. My first was a boy. We gave him my dad’s middle name…something I had always wanted to do. I had a list of names and the only one on the list my husband liked was Elijah. So our son is Elijah Gary…Elijah means Jehovah is God and Gary means spear carrier. When I was pregnant with Elijah, we already had our daughter’s name picked out. We wanted to name her after both of our mothers, but didn’t want her to have their exact names. So one day I ran across the name Aleezah and told my husband thinking he would hate it and he immediately fell in love with the name. My mom’s middle name is Allyson and his mom’s middle name is Maria, so we named our daughter Allyzah Marie. Allyzah means joyful one and 3 weeks before she was born we opened a children’s home and received 15 children. Those first 2-3 weeks were HORRIBLE! Everything was chaotic as we were trying to figure everything out and trying to love on children who weren’t sure what to think, etc. When she was born, she was literally the peace in the midst of the storm. She’s been a joy to have and the timing of it all was perfect! I made my husband sit down with me a few days ago to brainstorm on names, esp boy names, and we now have our next 4 children named, granted, my husband still wants to wait at least 2 more years until we get pregnant again.

  3. When picking names we both went to a website and made separate lists then swapped lists and crossed off the no’s. There were still a few names after that so we discussed and came up with 2 names that we both loved (by this time we knew we were having a girl BTW but picked one boy name just in case). The names were going to be a secret until the baby was born so we could see her and decide. Then my water broke at 27 weeks and she made an early entrance at 29 weeks. I chose between the two (I felt I earned the right with 2 weeks of hospital bed rest) and decided on Elise Jeannine. Jeannine is his grandmother (who is from France originally) and come to find out she had a Tante Elise. It suits our strong, small and healthy daughter well 🙂

  4. Well the problem I’m having is I’m almost 6 months pregnant with a baby girl(thrilled) but my hubby and I can’t agree on a name. I’m so frustrated. I got a book and picked out over 30 names and he didn’t like one! Help!

  5. We have a children’s literary theme. Amelia (‘Amelia Bedelia’), Matilda (by Roald Dahl), and Finn (as in ‘Huck Finn’). Matilda’s name also represents her birthplace – she was born in Australia, so she is our “Walzting Matilda”. :). There middle names are a totally different story, the last one in particular. My son, four months old, has the middle name “Lucky”. After a high risk, complicated pregnancy, and three rounds of preterm labor beginning at 20 weeks, we felt very “lucky” just to have him here.


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