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  1. I love Kickee for sure! They have great stretch and I feel like they run long for tall babies too! Thanks for mentioning all the other brands!

  2. I have a big butterball baby as well. Always been over 99th percentile since he was a month old for weight and height. So I have gone through a lot of trial and error for finding the right combinations of clothes that work. Never been a huge fan of H&M, but seems like it might be a winner!
    I like Janie and Jack clothes because he seems to fit in them pretty well in the correct(ish) age group. Not like other brands where he was wearing 18M-2T and he was 4 or 6 months old. Plus, the clothes are adorable and well made.
    While I shop at Nordstrom predominantly for our family, it’s always a hit or miss with the sizes there. Mini Boden, Tucker + Tate, and Boden are very small. Kickee is great and usually has a lot of stretch (because the organic bamboo cotton seems to just fall loose). I feel like this is a topic I could write about to fill novels.
    Robeez are a MUST! Since socks don’t fit onto those chubby chubby feet, or cut off circulation all together.

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