Chuck E. Cheese Recalls Toy Rings and Eyeglasses

Chuck E. Cheese has recalled over 1.2 million light-up toy rings and eyeglasses.  This recall comes as concern grows due to the possibility that children can remove and ingest the battery.  According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, these plastic toys can break exposing the button type battery.  Children can ingest the enclosed batteries, which may lead to stomach, intestine or esophagus problems or other damage.

Two reported incidents occurred with one child swallowing the battery and the other placed the battery in his nose.  There were no reported injuries associated with these toys.

The 1.1 million toy rings, available in blue, green, purple, yellow, and pink, were part of a promotion occurring between April, 2009 and June, 2010.  The 120,000 toy eyeglasses, shaped as stars, were given as part of the Chuck E. Cheese birthday package.    Consumers are directed by the commission to return these toys in exchange for a cash refund or prize.

If you would like more information on this recall, please visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commision website.

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