Cleaning with a Toddler


If you have a toddler at home, you know this story all too well. Trying to clean with a toddler is like trying is like trying to smell the color 9. (<-Seriously…who comes up with this stuff?) It’s just pointless!

Here are ten simple steps to cleaning with a toddler:

Step 1: Look at the mess in front of you in all of its glory. Prepare for battle dust bunnies, toys, and cobwebs.

Step 2: Ask your toddler to help you clean. Start singing the cleanup song from Barney. Toddler gets easily sidetracked by the first toy they pick up.

Step 3: Start putting away the Legos first- those are the most dangerous to leave around. Stepping on them for your midnight bathroom break is no fun. Trust me.

Step 4: When you finally get to move on to the rest of the toys, take a moment to listen. If your toddler is being quiet this is NOT a good sign. I repeat: This is NOT a good sign!

Step 5: Find toddler pouring out all of the Legos that you just put away. Step on one while trying to stop toddler. Swear to the Lego Gods that you will revenge the pain in your foot.

Step 6: Clean Legos for the second time and put them up higher. Hopefully, this time they won’t be able to reach them. If they do, they must’ve had another growth spurt and you better start finding a better hiding spot. Move on to the other toys for the second time.

Step 7: Realize that your toddler is again missing and being too quiet. Find them in the kitchen with all the Tupperware scattered across the floor. Sigh. At least it’s not the dang Legos again.

Step 8: Leave toddler to play with Tupperware while you finally get to vacuum. Toddler comes running as soon as they hear said vacuum to place Tupperware and toys (ones that you just put away, of course) in your path. Also to turn the button on and off of course.

Step 9: Clean the kitchen and organize the Tupperware cupboards. Why not? The whole cupboard was emptied anyway. This gives you extra time to spend finishing your special drink that you found in a bottle in one of the locked cupboards too. (WINE)

Step 10: Look back into living room and see that your toddler has managed to make it look as though you had never cleaned it in the first place. Contemplate throwing out all the toys, or just burning the house down so you never have to clean anything again. Breathe. Tell yourself the mess isn’t going anywhere and move on to laundry. Drink up!

What is your best advice for cleaning with a toddler? Tell us below!