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  1. Really lower the risk of sids? Have you not been educated on SIDS? You can be sober you dont know how you sleep once your asleep and sleep patterns can change your putting them at higher risk and what if your child falls off the bed? Your baby can go from to small to roll off to over night figured it out i made this mistake and luckaly my son was ok he fell off the bed could have fall n vroke his neck n died wouldnt even give him a chance to cry to let you know he fell this info is incorrect info please do more research befor encouraging parents to put there children at higher risk i know it happens iv done it and i almost lost my child n im very bothered to read “cosleeping prevents SIDS” that is very false if nothing happen thank goodness but why risk it and mislead other parents? Its not a opintion its a fact you dont know what could happen. In u n your childs sleep but the possibility of them falling out of crib of being suffocated by you is largely reduced in a crib

  2. We co-slept with both our boys. Neither ever needed a ‘security blanket’ or teddy bear for comfort. I believe these security objects are the child’s substitute for a parent who isn’t there in the night. It’s sad to think the message that sends the child. “If you need something in the night, don’t look to Mom and Dad to find it. At least a s stuffed bear (or blanket) won’t desert you.”

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