Cold weather accessories for your stroller!

If you live on the eastern half of the country, you know that this last week has brought an early winter and that there’s no avoiding the rain, sleet and snow that will be coming your way. The sunny days have given way to a cold front and it’s time to outfit those strollers for the weather. Just like a car, you can’t expect a stroller that doesn’t have 4X4 wheels to make it through the snow and would you really take your stroller out in the rain with just a newspaper to cover baby — they’ll get soaked! For those that have newborns that were born in the summertime — listen up because you don’t want to baby to get cabin fever this winter season just because you didn’t swap the sunshade for a waterproof umbrella!

Some strollers come with a rain cover and some don’t. Make sure you keep one in the basket below this coming season because you never know when a storm cloud will appear. Stroller Rain Cover by Comfy Baby, $7.95, at This one is a universal cover but check with your stroller brand to see if you don’t need a specific one to properly fit your stroller. Moms don’t want to be wet either…add The My Blue Bumbershoot Hands-Free Umbrella to your stroller, $49.99, at

There is nothing worse than pushing a stroller with freezing cold hands. Don’t take that chance that you’ll get frostbite this season, try the Nomie Baby Strittens, $23.24, at, to keep hands nice and toasty for the whole ride.

Forget a loose blanket that will either fall in the slush or get thrown to the ground. Winter strollers are not complete with some sort of bunting to keep babies and toddlers warm without the fear of coming loose. For babies, try the JJ Cole Bundle Me, $39.99, at, and for toddlers, the Napwell Toddler Feet Free Blanket, $99, at

I know you’re going to be doing a lot of holiday shopping this season — don’t be left without your Mommy Hook to keep all your bags off the ground and dry in one place. The Mommy Hook, $6.99, at

Remember when Christina told you about the Tray Vous for the Bugaboo stroller awhile back…she wasn’t kidding! I just got one and I couldn’t be more excited to give it a whirl this winter. It sure beats stopping to pick up a snack cup every five seconds. Tray Vous, $44.95, at Us moms know how important snack time is — make sure your stroller has one or you can find one to fit it!

Now if there was just some snow chains for the stroller wheels, we’d be all set…but who really wants to go out if the snow is that deep anyways?!