Coming to Terms with My Post Baby Body

Photo source: Jade Bell
Photo source: Jade Bell

My fellow moms,

I would be lying to you if I told you I love my body. I would also be lying to you if I told you I wish to change it. (I’m also TOTALLY lying to you when I say I work out every day to look better too…) See, I have come to terms with my new “mom body.” I know that maybe one day I’ll be able to fit back into those size 3 jeans (yeah right) and be completely happy with the way I look, and there will be plenty of time for that later on. For now, I’ll be honest with you, as long as I’m healthy, I just don’t care.

Our civilization has a sick obsession with the way people look. We are taught from a young age that beauty is important. Everyone you see on the big screen has their imperfections airbrushed away. Celebrities lose their baby weight within weeks. Well, let me tell you something…not everyone is that lucky.

I am proud to sit here and tell you that I can ONLY fit into my maternity jeans or PJs, and that they are so worn out that I’m developing holes in the thighs. I am ecstatic to tell you that most of my clothes aren’t designer brands, and that my shirts are usually covered in puddles of spit-up and breast milk. And I am more than happy to tell you that my hair is only washed and styled if it’s a special occasion. The beautiful artwork that I just had to have tattooed on me forever? Destroyed. Cute bikini? HAHA.

Every single stretch mark, every pound I have gained (and kept), and every single bit of dignity I’ve lost, has all been completely worth it. I am a mother. In return for every single frumpy day I endure, I get a chance to make the best of it with my two little miracles. I get to witness smiles, giggles, discoveries, and triumphs. I kiss boo-boos, handle tantrums, and change diapers like a pro. Do my kids look at my body with disgust? No, and I don’t think they ever will.

My body changed the way it was meant to. It accommodated a growing baby. I’m not saying I won’t exercise, or eat healthy. I definitely want to be able to keep up with my children and be a good example for them. But as my mom says, “It takes over 9 months to grow a baby, your body won’t change back overnight.” I enjoy the skin I’m in. I don’t have to love it. But I refuse to hate it.

I’m sure my husband doesn’t look at me the same as he used to, and I’ve gotten a couple of comments that maybe should have stayed in people’s thoughts, but I wouldn’t ever give up the body that gave my children life. This. Is. Me. I am healthy and I am happy. I love my babies. If giving up a few years of being able to look nice is the cost of being able to watch them grow, I am okay with that. Many women are not so lucky.

So I challenge you, my fellow moms. I challenge you to ADORE your widened hips, to welcome your larger clothing size, and to appreciate your figure. You are still beautiful. Maybe even more so now than you ever will be. You earned that body, now OWN it!


We challenge you to comment below with YOUR favorite “mom” feature that you’ve gained!