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  1. His multilevel marketing companies are predatory and encourage their consultants to lie and “fake it till you make it”. How do I know? Because many people in my circle have joined them, dropped out after losing a lot of money, joined another one dropped out after losing lotta money, repeat cycle. Less than 2% of consultants who sign up without multilevel marketing company or make any significant income. I’d encourage stay at home mothers to find better ways to fill their time, Such a stunning for a degree in a high demand market where you can eventually go back to work when the kids are in school and make some real money. Tone of this article tells me you were still pretty drunk on their Kool-Aid.

    1. Not drunk on their Kool-aid; just trying to offer insight from my point of view that could help others who never tried to work in an MLM before understand. When I left my MLM, I had made a profit of about $600. But I left when I did because I saw the warning signs and got out before the company got too big and was turning a way I disagreed with. But you make a very good and logical point, my friend! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Not sure how a friend is ‘taking advantage of you’ by attending a party. I’ve gone to parties and simply wasn’t interested in anything at the time. Or might have purchased one small token item just to be nice. If you’re going to bash a friend who couldn’t afford to buy much then don’t say things like “just come and support me, you don’t have to buy anything!”

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