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  1. The best way to get rid of toys is to have a kid toy
    purging party. I lucked out because my kids were born in July, a
    full six months from Christmas. So before the grand winter holiday
    and the summer bday celebration they have to get rid of every
    broken toy and they have to donate some of their usable toys to the
    bargain center here in town. The goal is to only have enough toys
    to fit their toy box. They rarely fight because they know they’ll
    get stuff for their birthday and Christmas. It works out nicely for
    every one.

  2. Veronika, You have given me a new idea!! Secret Agent. This might work for me cause my boys dont know how to throw anything away. toys they have not played with for years is always the toy they say they play with the most. The best one of all is the ones that are broken are the ones my boys want to keep. I can definitely feel what you are says. I loved your story.

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