Coolest Summer Tees For Your Kids

Summer is here and today I’m talking summer t-shirt fashion. Summer is the perfect time to let your kids go casual while still keeping them looking fashionable and cute. Today I’ve rounded up the 10 coolest summer tees for your kids. Not only will your children love these, you’re going to fall hard for them, too. Each one is trendy and unique so be sure to click the links and check them all out.


Photo Source: Piccolini

I Love NY Tee. I am obsessed with this tee from Piccolini. My son may be a West Coast kid, but this shirt was made for every child, NY or not. How cute is the clever hot dog and pretzel design on it?

Photo Source: PreFresh

Rad Tee. Excuse my lack of words but how rad is this rad tee? PreFresh will have your kids totally styling with this one. A must have.

Photo Source: A Little Lark

Wolf Tee. Check out this awesome wolf tee from A Little Lark. What child doesn’t love something with animals on them?

Photo Source: Hello Apparel

Kid Tee. This neon kid tee from Hello Apparel is so cute and trendy. As a bonus you can also get adult size tees that say grown up and onesies that say baby. A set for your whole family!

Milk drunk
Photo Source: Little Boogaweezin

Milk Drunk Raglan. I love this shirt from Little Boogaweezin. The colors, the style, the clever words, everything.

Photo Source: Passive Juice Motel

Honest Abe Tee. This clever honest Abe shirt from Passive Juice Motel is both cute AND witty.

Photo Source: Indie Nook

For Goodness Snake Tank. I love the play on words with this one, the neon color, and the adorable indie vibe snake. This tank from Indie Nook also comes in different colors.

Photo Source: Kin Ship Goods

Captain Tee. This totally awesome tee from Kin Ship Goods comes in three different colors and blows me away. L-O-V-E.

Aviator nation
Photo Source: Aviator Nation

Aviator Nation. Have you all heard of Aviator Nation yet? It was started by Paige Mycoskie, brother to Blake- the man behind TOMS shoes. Everything is handmade on vintage machines in the USA and their kids collection is to die for. Vintage, colorful, one of a kind. This tee is one of their bests.

Oh Snap
Photo Source: Sandbox Threads

Oh Snap Shirt. This adorable and funny shirt from Sandbox Threads can be ordered in any style shirt and color combo you’d like. They have a whole site full of unique and hilarious tees for your kids.