Cooper Tire Giveaway!

Gizmo_Cooper Giveaway


Denise April.

Every single day, we receive emails, Facebook messages, texts and requests for “What’s the best water table? Bouncer? Stroller? Car seat?” and the list goes on!

Products – we all love them. We love to search for them, read about them, buy them, play with them, and photograph them.  We LOVE to bombard our Facebook feed with pictures of our littles in the swing like they are the ONLY CHILD EVER to look that adorable in a swing (because they are!).

So three years ago we launched our Best of Products Series.  We started with Best of Baby.  Last year we expanded to Best of Toddler.  And now…new for 2014…we bring you Best of Big Kid too!

We are thrilled beyond belief.  So excited we have to host 5 events all around Southern California.  Yes, Baby Gizmo is hitting the road.  Probably in a mustang that we will LOAD up with products.  Yes, she will get honks on the freeway.


She will also be super super safe because she will be sporting four brand new Cooper Tires.  You can buy all of the best and safest gear, but if you are driving on old tires, with bald spots or low tread, you risk of an accident goes WAY up.

Tires.  We all need them.  We all own them.  We mostly know nothing about them.  Let Hollie teach you, just likes she tells you the best stroller and car seat.


And WIN them! Yes YOU CAN WIN a BRAND NEW SET of the just launched Cooper Tires CS5!

On the Road to Best of Baby Products with Baby Gizmo and Club MomMe.