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Cosleeping With Two Kids

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Yes, the title says it all. I’m crazy. I cosleep with a just turned two year old, and a newborn. Who DOES that? Crazy people. They make out like they’re loving and nurturing etc, but really, they’re just nuts.

I’m kidding of course, but let’s be serious for a minute- I was recently asked by a friend how we manage to cosleep with two kids in the same bed/same room and if our newborn doesn’t wake our toddler. Luckily for us, there are a few things that we do that helps everyone sleep through the night.

four sets of feet sticking out of bed sheets

1. White Noise

White noise machines are amazing at keeping kids asleep. Honestly, I think if you took this machine away from me right now, I’d probably stop breathing. Our machine has helped our toddler sleep through almost anything and we have gotten used to it too.

Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine

2. Side-by-Side Nursing

Cosleeping allows me to quickly sense my baby’s hunger cues so I know when he’s stirring and looking for milk. When I feel that he is, I just side-by-side nurse. He doesn’t wake up, just sleepily nurses and then unlatches and goes right back to his deep sleep. Another mom recently asked how you can nurse from both breasts while lying on one side, and I said it is possible. This post by Hobo Mama explains it well.

3. Teamwork

I must thank my husband for his help in making all this possible. While he gives our toddler a bath, I nurse our baby boy to the point where I know he’s about to fall asleep or he’s already asleep. Then we switch- I put the toddler to sleep in our room, and he rocks the baby to sleep in a different room. He then brings the baby in. That works for us, and it leads me onto point 4.

4. Routine

We have a schedule that we try to stick by and it works. Obviously it’s not an exact timed one and there will be days when we are out and things get late, but we do our best to stick to the plan. Everyone is different and it will depend on your work, school etc schedule, so pick something that works for you and discuss it with your partner or any caregivers.

5. Bed Space Safety

I’ve had quite a few people say “You must have a huge bed.” No, we have a regular queen size bed and believe it or not, we all fit comfortably. The bed issue is, again, a personal thing that works for you, but you need to be sure that no child (or adult!) will fall off the bed. I know families who have added a twin bed next to them for more room. For us, we took off one side of the large crib that neither of my kids have ever slept in, and put it next to my side of the bed, just like a cosleeper. We all fit in the bed, but just incase, the extra space is there. And because our bed is high, we had to raise the height of the mattress of the crib. This was easily done by buying a second cheaper mattress and putting it under the original one. You can make it work for you in so many different ways 🙂

Prepare yourself for some crazy moments if you’re planning on cosleeping with two. You will laugh at all the limbs flying around (mainly the toddler’s) and cry when one does wake up the other and you are desperate to sleep. But for the most part, everyone will be comfortable and happy and snoozing away 🙂

Do you cosleep with two kids? Share your stories and tips!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.