Could this be Prince Charming for Middle Class Moms?

Bugaboo touts itself a mobility company, and mobility it delivers!  Max Barenburg and Eduard Zanen shared a vision, redesigning one of Barenburg’s previous designs, and birthed the Bugaboo stroller line in 1996 which offered cutting edge ideas in the baby stroller market.  In 2001, the Bugaboo Frog was introduced followed by a cameo appearance in Sex and the City in 2002 – it was this publicity that shot the Bugaboo Frog to stardom. 

Bugaboo, being the “status symbol” stroller, is highly touted by celebrities and found in the most chic neighborhoods in the world.  I must admit, because of the hype, I was a naysayer.  Being astounded by the price tag of $759, I believed it would be hard for me to justify purchasing a Bugaboo Frog – that was until I first experienced the Frog.

It’s sleek, its modern, its fabulous and will have you desiring it immediately – the Bugaboo Frog is the stroller for all seasons!  The moment I laid hands on the Bugaboo Frog I was immediately taken by the ease of maneuverability.  With its “frog-like” suspension, this stroller offers an amazingly smooth ride and maneuvers easily with only the slightest push, turning on a dime.  

I was a bit taken back by the fact that this stroller is constructed of several different parts, the chassis, a striking aluminum frame that holds the front swivel wheels and the amazing rear 12” wheels and the seat frame with a removable carry handle.  Bugaboo includes two separate beautiful fabric sets to be attached to the seat frame:  the actual seat fabric, and the bassinet fabric.  Bugaboo also includes the necessary rain cover, mosquito net, an underseat storage bag, and a fabulous two year warranty backed by Bugaboo’s outstanding customer service.  Accessories including the cup holder, car seat adaptors for several popular brands, a parasol, footmuff, seat liner, transport bag, wheeled board for transporting those tired “to old to ride” toddlers, a diaper bag and, yes, an iPhone holder for the Bugaboo Frog are expensive, but are a necessity for some.

The versatility that this stroller offers is wondrous, allowing you to travel not only on paved ground such as sidewalks, but quickly switches to rough terrain travel by simply switching the large air-filled wheels to the front.  Sand and snow are also no obstacle for the Bugaboo frog, simply switch the configuration to the two wheeled travel mode and you’re quickly navigating your way through the toughest of terrain!

The Bugaboo Frog offers a two part folding system, which is difficult to execute for beginner Bugaboo users, but soon becomes very easy.  You must first snap of the seat by utilizing two release buttons at either side of the seat frame.  The chassis must then be broken down by utilizing two levers on the handle.  When folded this stroller is large, but will fit in the trunk of a mid-sized car fairly easily and is easy to lift into the car at a mere 19 pounds, which I consider especially light for such a workhorse.  Although the two-part folding system can be an inconvenience in inclement weather, the bother is worth having this luxurious stroller!

Although the Bugaboo Frog does have sufficient underseat storage, we middle class parents must realize that this is no shopping cart!  It easily will store a medium sized diaper bag and a few other necessities, however if you require additional storage, Bugaboo offers a diaper bag that fits over the handle bar.  Also noticeable to most American moms and dads is the lack of a drink holder, Bugaboo answered this need by introducing a drink holder accessory for parents which easily attaches to the Frog.

Bugaboo built the Frog to last!  While most strollers on the market may last the infant and toddler years of one child, the Bugaboo Frog will see you from the birth of your first child through the toddler years of your last.  The bassinet offers an amazing area for the infant to rest when the mother is not coddling with child.  The seat is roomy and comfortable for infants and toddlers, fitting children up to 37.5 pounds, estimated by Bugaboo to be until approximately four years of age.  Another really neat feature is the reversible seat, when your child is an infant, they can face mom and dad for social stimulation and once they grow into a curious toddler they can face the world to explore.  The sun shade gives more than adequate protection on even the sunniest of days, and if mom’s not happy with the sun coverage of the shade, Bugaboo offers a parasol which can be attached and adjusted for full coverage from the sun.  This stroller can hold up to the most abusive of situations:  food stains are nothing as the fabric is completely washable, the frame is sturdy and can take the sometimes harsh landings in the car, as well as the banging and scraping that a stroller must endure when in use.

So is this a dream come true or a budget breaker? Well, it depends on what you are searching for…  Are you looking for a companion that can guarantee to be by your side in even the toughest of strolling situations, and will promise to see you through the toddler years of your last child, only showing little wear and tear even through years of hard use without having to purchase a new stroller for every season?  If so, the Bugaboo Frog has definitely proven itself to be the prince charming for the middle-class mom!  

 Kori, Contributor

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This amazing! It would be idea for singel and middle class married couples which my husband and I are! So exciting! 🙂