Couple Keeps an Amazing Secret for 9 months, Surprises Grandma

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This isn’t your typical pregnancy reveal! Tannin and Katie Pease from Roy, Utah gained viral attention for their video in which they surprise Tannin’s mother, Carolynn, with the news that Katie is 9 months pregnant and due the next day. In the video, the unsuspecting Grandma had barely walked in the door when Tannin tells her they have a surprise. Watch her adorable reaction as she finds out about the existence of her 11th grandbaby:

Most of us are bursting with excitement to share the baby news with our parents as soon as possible. But this couple successfully kept their pregnancy a surprise from dear ol’ Grandma for 9 months (Grandpa found out about 5 months in and kept quiet)! For nine months they closely monitored Facebook settings on posts and pictures, Katie wore baggier clothes, and “stayed home a lot.” Good thing his parents live in Montana, which made hiding the surprise a little easier.

In the video, when Katie walked out, proudly showing her full-term bump, it seemed like Carolynn didn’t recognize it was real, at first! Maybe she thought Katie had put on some fake padding and this was their way of announcing their new pregnancy. But then Tannin says, “We’re going to have the baby tomorrow.” Carolynn is understandably shocked; she teasingly throws the present she’s holding and yells, “WHAT?” But the tears brim over when she realizes that “tomorrow” is her birthday, and this is the best present ever.

So, do you think you could pull off a surprise like this? Apparently, it’s possible, though I doubt I could keep my mouth shut that long. The day I found out I was pregnant with my second, I couldn’t help but tell every single person I talked to, even the cashier at the grocery store! So I guess this type of secret is not in the cards for my next pregnancy.

“A lot of people, they were wondering how on earth we did it,” Katie told ABC News. “We had a couple of people say, ‘Did you lock her up in a closet?’ But it just worked out, I guess. People eventually saw us and a couple of pregnancy photos and a picture of the baby and were like, ‘You really did it!’

I’m just impressed the big brothers never let it slip!


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