CPSC Safety Alert – Infants and Toddlers Can Strangle in Baby Monitor Cords

Remember a couple weeks ago when we reminded you again that you MUST keep those baby monitor cords away from baby in this Baby Gizmo Must-Have Video? Well, it looks like the  CPSC agrees with us!

Today, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a “Safety Alert” – Infants and Toddlers Can Strangle in Baby Monitor Cords.

No, this isn’t breaking news because we all know this, BUT it’s always good to be reminded of things like this. As parents, we get busy. We get tired. Mistakes are made. A mistake, as in putting a baby monitor cord in baby’s reach, can be a devastating one. Unfortunately for 7 famillies since 2002, this has been a fatal mistake as seven children have died. Since 2002, seven infants and toddlers were strangled in baby monitor cords, and three infants and toddlers nearly strangled. The victims involved were as young as 6 months old to 20 months old.

This is a heartbreaking reality that can be avoided by just paying attention.

Photo Credit: CPSC

 In an effort to prevent infants and toddlers from strangling in monitor cords, CPSC and JPMA urge parents to:

  • Immediately check the location of all monitors and other products with electrical cords–including those mounted on the wall–to make sure cords are out of your child’s reach.
  • Place cords at least three feet away from any part of the crib, bassinet, play yard or other safe sleep environment.
  • Never position a monitor inside or on the edge of a crib.
  • Remember, at least three feet away is where your monitor should stay.