Creating Awareness or Over-the-Top?

Creating Awareness or Over-the-Top?

Creating Awareness or Over-the-Top?

What’s your opinion of this image of an anti-co-sleeping ad from the Milwaukee Health Department? For more information on the ad, you can go HERE.

Weigh in and tell us your thoughts.


  1. I am a Pediatric Nurse and think it is tasteless! I can admit that sometimes the shock factor can be effective but this is very disturbing! During my 10 year career, I have seen things I don’t wish on my worst
    enemy. The average parent should not have see it as well. Unfortunately accidents happen, even to the best of parents and as tragic as they are, that is why they are called accidents. (I am not speaking of negligence). I think there are different ways to teach safety to prevent as many accidents as possible without having to.go.this far!

  2. I would ask if their infant mortality is sooo high then what is the breakdown? Co-Sleeping, when done correctly, is a huge benefit to both mother and child. As long as neither parent is under the influence of any substance it is perfectly safe!

    When I co-slept with my son I was VERY aware of him. I always naturally woke up to feed him before he even started fussing, we were so in-tune with each other. One time I he even stopped breathing! I woke up right away not knowing what was wrong, I could just feel it. When I noticed he had stopped breathing I shook him a little and picked him up. He started breathing again just fine and is a very healthy little boy. I thank God I chose to co-sleep because there is no doubt in my mind that things would have gone VERY differently if I hadn’t.

    Studies on Co-Sleeping have shown that it SIGNIFICANTLY lowers the SIDS rate, so if they are trying to lower the their SIDS rate maybe they need to change these ads and start ADVOCATING a healthier lifestyle and more natural parenting methods like breastfeeding, co-sleeping,eating whole organic healthy foods, and natural medicine instead of all this toxic trash
    we are putting in our bodies.

    It’s really not that hard people!

  3. Thanks for shedding some light on it, Jenny. Hopefully those that are parenting while impaired/under the influence see this and realize it’s about them.

  4. While I think there could be a better way to get the message across, after reading the article linked above, I understand why they are running these ads.

    Quote from ABC news article:

    “Is it shocking? Is it provocative?” asked Bevan Baker, the city’s commissioner of health, according to the Journal Sentinel. ”Yes. But what is even more shocking and provocative is that 30 developed and underdeveloped countries have better [infant death] rates than Milwaukee.”

    Milwaukee’s infant mortality rate in 2009 was 10.4 deaths for every 1,000 live births, according to the city’s health department. As noteworthy as this overall rate is the racial breakdown: For white babies, the rate was 5.4; for blacks, 14.1, the JS said.”
    End Quote

    I don’t think this message is for most co-sleeping parents out there. Most parents who co-sleep know how to do it safely. But there are some zip codes in Milwaukee with infant mortality rates higher than 3rd world countries, so these ads are targeting a specific group of parents. Each ad has a phone number at the bottom where the parent can call and get a free pack n’ play. Hopefully death rate in Milwaukee will go down because of these efforts.

  5. While it may seem over the top I think it is what Milwaukee needs to see since their SIDS rate is one of the highest in the nation. Sure co sleeping apparently can be done safely. But it also can have dire consequences. I have read the research on this topic and I choose NOT to co sleep. Why take such an unnecessary risk? Sure it is more convenient when breast feeding but I could not live with myself if something ever happened. I choose the inconvenience over the horrible possible alternative! So, with that said I think this ad is doing exactly what it was meant to do. It is getting people talking about the risks and hopefully it will save some babies from dying!

  6. I think it’s ridiculous. First off, I co-slept w/ my 4 babies and managed not to smother any of them. I realize it works for some and not for others, and that’s ok. For me, it was the easiest way to breastfeed & get sleep. I don’t move around at night & slept much better w/ them in my arms; otherwise I’d be waking every 20min to check on them in the bassinet. Now, I don’t have all the puffy bedding that’s shown in the picture, perhaps it would be better to focus on THAT than on a stupid knife.

  7. Wow. This is way over the top. I know tons of parents that co sleep. We have never done co sleeping. However I have seen the benefits of it for moms that are breastfeeding. First of all they do not know what causes SIDS. Now they are just grabbing at straws and just being way over the top. I agree with Cherise and everything she said.

  8. I think it’s a horrific image so I guess I would say over the top. And maybe also because I’m not against co-sleeping. I don’t do it with my little one but I think it can be done safely.

  9. While I do understand the concern for children, we (as parents /guardians/ caretakers alike) have enough to worry about…WE DON’T NED ANYTHING ELSE TO WORRY ABOUT!! And, with all due respect to children that have passed away because of co-sleeping, what about children that died while sleeping in ‘supposed’ federally regulated, tested, government approved, AAoP (american academy of pediatrics) approved cribs/beds/etc.? Where else are babies going to be able to sleep? After a while, people are going to STOP having kids to avoid all this headache! Bottom line, this is going too far! This is no different from anti-abortion activists that hang signs on over-passes of exoressways


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