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Creative Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Sometimes a tie is the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Other times, not so much. If the dad in your life already boasts quite the tie collection, I’d say it’s time to think of something a little more creative this year. That’s why I’m here to help! Today we’re talking creative Father’s Day gift ideas!

fathers day new tie

-Homemade Gift Certificates. Make your own gift cards this year for things Dad really wants! A massage, washing his car for him, dinner and dessert of his choosing, or watching his favorite movie with him. It could be anything, the point is to make it something special that Dad will love.

-Take him somewhere. Plan something super special for Dad this Father’s Day. Take him to the latest movie, to a sports game, a car show, or an amusement park. Make it a whole day of celebrating!

-Home video. How cute would it be to make dad a home movie this year? Tape all the kids or a bunch of family members saying things they love most about him, compile it all together, grab some popcorn, and “air” the tape on Father’s Day!

boy with a video camera

– Complete his chores/to do list. Surprise him by fixing something that’s been on his list of things to do, complete a chore on his list, get something done around the house that he will no longer have to worry about.

-Subscription. Get Dad a subscription to his favorite car, gardening or gadget magazine! Sign him up for a book of the month club. Or have a food company deliver his favorite snacks each month for the year. Get creative! He’ll love having his favorite things delivered right to his door!

the gadget magazine

-New clothes. While this may not seem creative to some, this is the sort of thing some men love. Some husbands may not like shopping but still love getting new clothes. So what better than doing the work for him and surprising him with new threads!

-A walk down memory lane. Hunt down some of his favorite childhood board games or toys. Surprise him with something he never expected you to find! What could be more thoughtful?

-Membership. Would Dad love a gym membership? Get the family zoo passes or Disneyland passes or a membership or pass somewhere you think he’d really love and appreciate.

-Car care. What man doesn’t love his car?! Get him a bucket full of car supplies like car wax, leather wipes, and a roll of quarters to hit the car wash!

dad with breakfast in bed

-Breakfast in Bed. We all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? So wake Dad up to something that smells and tastes delicious this year like breakfast in bed! Make him his favorite chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream and make sure to have a cup of coffee waiting for him.

What gifts are you planning to get the Dad’s in your life this year? Leave us a comment and add to our list!

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