Crispy Green: Our new favorite go to snack

Anyone else have kids who act as if they haven’t been fed for days but dinner is still a solid 30 minutes away? Its a tough situation because I understand that kids can’t control their hunger but I don’t want them to spoil their dinner with snacks.  When I am on top of my game I can offer some fresh veggies but let’s face it most days I am not.  I need something quick, small, and hopefully healthy.

My new favorite go to pre-dinner snacks are made by Crispy Green.  They make delicious freeze-dried fruit crisps with no added sugar.  Some unique fruit choices are available like Cantaloupe and Mango!  They have the classics too though like Apple, Pear, Pineapple and my kid’s absolute favorite: Banana!  I love these snacks because they are 100% fruit and each bag contains only one ingredient.

Try this tasty treat for less.  Amazon offers a 15% discount when you use subscribe and save.  Right now they also have a coupon for an extra 15% off.  That brings the price down to 93 cents a pack or as I like to think of it 93 cents for an extra 30 minutes of peace and quiet.  Totally worth it!