Customize Your Gear and Stand Out

Customize Your Gear and Stand Out

Baby gear is improving monthly when it comes to style; it’s a whole lot better than it was 9 years ago, that’s for sure! I’m constantly oo-ing and ah-ing over new patterns, styles and designs but I still like to have things that are one of a kind and handmade. I like to bring my own style out in things I use frequently, baby gear and kid stuff happens to consume my life at the moment. Etsy and specialty stores are my go-to places when it comes to buying unique, one-of-a-kind items.

Here are some of my favorites that are sure to make you and your kids stand out from the crowd while adding some of your personal flair in the mix.

Customize Your Gear and Stand Out Customize Your Gear and Stand Out

Nollie Covers

Customize your car seat and stroller with these beautiful covers. We just spruced up our Bugaboo with a custom-fitted seat cover and matching canopy. It fits perfectly and it makes me happy whenever I look at it.

Customize Your Gear and Stand Out

 Baby Hawk

One of the most comfortable baby carriers I’ve ever worn is a Baby Hawk. I’ve only ever owned the Mei Tei version but I’m currently coveting the Oh Snap. I like that Baby Hawk has a Design Center, a place where you can create your carrier from the ground up or, you can even send in your own fabric for the printed panel! My neighbor did that and hers came out beautifully and just the way she wanted.

Customize Your Gear and Stand Out

Diaper Bags

Etsy is my favorite place to shop for custom Diaper Bags. I wish that more companies had the option to customize Diaper Bags, specifically the prints. Every once in a while you can find a good Limited Edition bag but there’s something special about picking everything yourself.

Visit my three favorite Diaper Bag makin’ Etsy shops: Clutterbags, Ring O Pie and From Nancy

Customize Your Gear and Stand Out

Playdate Cards- Up Up Creative

Meet a fun mom with a cool kid on the playground? Running out the door from picking up your kid at preschool but want to exchange numbers with a mom, teacher or potential babysitter? I know I never carry a pen let alone a piece of paper so having some of these could really come in handy. Talk about personal and practical!

Customize Your Gear and Stand Out

Busy Bag Art Tote- Flip Skip Jump

What do your kids do when you’re on the go or waiting for their food while at a restaurant? Besides playing on mom or dad’s iPhone, your little one will feel important with their very own Art Tote!

Customize Your Gear and Stand Out

Library Bag- Cranky Pants Knits

Confession: I’ve taken paper bags to the library because I either can’t fit the book in my diaper bag, forgot my diaper bag in the car or picked up far too many to carry under my arm (the other two are carrying children). I need a library tote.

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Christina lives in San Diego with her husband, 3 boys and her favorite coffee cup. Christina is a trained Montessori teacher with early childhood education and also has experience in the children’s fashion world as a business owner. While in the children's industry, Christina realized how important it was to research, be ‘in the know’ and one step ahead of the game with the latest and greatest baby gear, toys, clothing and accessories which naturally continued once she became a mom in 2002. Since the birth of her first son, Christina has become a reliable and trustworthy resource to friends, family and other parents on various parenting topics.



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