Cute garden ideas for small spaces

I am the opposite of a gardener. I am not crazy about dirt, not a friend of bugs, and God forbid I see a worm. I am a total baby but I love a well landscaped yard and a fruitful garden. There is absolutely nothing better than growing one’s own herbs, fruits, or vegetables. It is so gratifying. Not to mention absolutely delicious and guilt free. Finally, food we can trust. Sadly we don’t all have the space for traditional gardens but I found some totally doable and inspirational gardens perfect for small spaces.

Wine Crate Garden

This lovely garden lives in a little courtyard in Houston, Texas. This creative blogger picked up a few plants at Whole Foods, planted them in attractive wine crates, set them on a platform, and grew some veggies for her family right in her backyard. She finished the project in one day and makes it seem totally doable.

Photo Credit: LLH Designs Blog

Mason Jar Wall Planter

I know this isn’t technically a garden but for some people (ME!) this is the closest we can get. I live in a dorm and the outdoor space is shared. Some people do manage to maintain impressive gardens but I am not one of them. This project is totally up my alley. I’ve got a million jars and am capable of buying plants and potting soil. Boom! Foolproof and costs less than 20.00 It doesn’t get any better.

side-view-mason-planter Cute garden ideas for small spaces
Photo Credit:

One Pot Indoor Herb Garden

This garden is perfect for those of you lucky enough to have a sunny spot in your house. All you need is a deep pot, some soil, and herbs from your local nursery. You can grow your own herbs year round inside your home. How cool is that? If you’re a foodie then you know how quickly buying fresh herbs at the supermarket adds up. This is a great way to save money and start greening up your thumb.

side-view-mason-planter Cute garden ideas for small spaces
Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Do you have any creative gardening ideas for small spaces?

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Veronica Armstrong is a stay at home mother and freelance writer. She lives with her husband and two small children in Cornell University graduate student housing while her husband studies for his MBA. She blogs at about her adventures in natural motherhood, temporary Vermont hiatus, and life as an MBA wife. Veronica is also a hobbyist photographer that likes to express herself through captures of her ordinary and beautifully hectic life. Maple bacon donuts bring her unbridled joy and coffee is her best friend.

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I like to get ideas from There is a whole philosophy and technique to growing a lot of food in a small area. I am going to make my raised bed out of cinder blocks this year and it will be 2ft. by 6 ft. right along my fence. I can almost taste those fresh tomatoes… 🙂