Daily Deal Site Reviews – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Daily Deal Site Reviews - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Daily Deal Site Reviews - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Are you on board with the Daily Deal phenomenon? Maybe you’ve heard of a little company called “Groupon” or  what about “Buy With Me“? Oooh, what about one of our new personal faves- “Gilt“? The Daily Deal sites have been multiplying faster than the Duggar clan and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Websites with incredible deal-a-day offers are the hot ticket in town and you know that Baby Gizmo loves a bargain.

The thing is, these sites are popping up so fast that most people have never even heard of them. Jumping on an online deal that seems too good to be true raises all kinds of insecurities: Is it a reputable site?  Are they fast shippers? What’s the customer service like? Am I having a bad hair day? Wait….

Some Daily Deal sites like Groupon (how easy is it to print and use the deal?) have quickly established an outstanding reputation. Others? Well, it’s a little like online dating. There are a lot of unanswered questions: Is the picture an accurate portrayal of the goods being offered? Is the merchandise damaged or defective? And if it’s such a great deal, why is it still available? You know what I’m saying? It can be a little scary just putting yourself out there without knowing other people’s previous experiences first. We know we were nervous the first time! We are still talking about online shopping, right?

Baby Gizmo has decided to start a little online community- kind of like a support group. You know us – we love honest reviews! We love deals! We love online shopping! We have created a place where you can post reviews on many of the most popular deal sites.  Good or bad- we want the truth!  We want you to tell it like it is. Remember, when you add a review – you are helping another new deal shopper. Think of it like getting to interview the ex-girlfriend of a blind date- something we ALL wish we had the chance to do at some point in our lives.

So, hop on over to the Baby Gizmo Daily Deals page, check out our list of Daily Deal sites, and see if we’ve made a match. Leave a comment and let everyone know your experiences with the applicable companies. This is the time to stand up and say, “This site is awesome! I’m in love!” Or maybe it wasn’t a love connection and your comment might be more like, “I wish I had known that he lives in his mom’s basement.” Wait- I’m loosing track of things here. Where was I? Oh yeah- Daily Deals!

The Baby Gizmo Daily Deals page is new so we need your help spreading the word. Tell your friends that it is THE place to share the love (or hate! – okay maybe not the “hate” – just the frustration) on these daily deal sites.  Go ahead- tell you friends!  That’s how we’ll gather all the best reviews in one place. A Baby Gizmo fan is never afraid to tell it like it is. Or is that just me? Nah, I didn’t think so.

Baby Gizmo Daily Deal Site Reviews here

Daily Deal Site Reviews - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


  1. I am just writing to urge people to be very wary about signing up for any deals with something called Kijiji Daily Deals.
    I bought a pair of earrings through them at the beginning of October from a company called Diamond Veneers. The earrings cost me $67.00. When they arrived, I did not like them so I contacted Diamond Veneers to find out how to return them which I did via Canada Post with a tracking #. When I saw that they had been received, I contacted them again and asked them to contact Kijiji Daily Deals to request a refund to my Visa. They sent me an email saying they had done it.
    I have sent multiple emails to Kijiji Daily Deals asking them to refund my money. All I ever get back are automated response messages. There is absolutely NO way to contact this company. No telephone #, no address published anywhere. Nothing. I contacted Visa to see if they would refund the money after I told them what happened. They said, “Look at your bill. You will see a telephone #. Call that number and talk to them.”
    I called the number and it was for eBay!! Imagine my surprise. The girl I spoke to on the phone had no idea what I was talking about.
    So, I finally called the police but they said they won’t do anything about services like this.
    These daily deal services are great as long as you don’t run into any problems. If you do, watch out!! You will get nowhere. It is now over a month later and still no refund. I don’t think it will EVER come through. So, caveat emptor!! Buyer beware!

  2. I love mamapedia.com I ordered Nat Geo Kids for $5/year.

    After my purchase with Zulily I will never order from them again 🙁 They have amazing stuff, but what a nightmare. After emailing and calling 4x they finally canceled my order. I find the products on there site and go to the man. site and order from there. I can usually find what I want with a promo code or online special for the same or cheaper. The best is I don’t have to wait over a month for nothing!

  3. Never heard of babyheist…

    I like the following:

    zulily.com -while a slow shipper – some of their buys have been amazing – and the also carry other things other than just kids stuff.

    Ruelala – Fabulous for clothing and accessories mostly for adults.

    The Foundary and Onekingslane for home stuff.

    Being a working mom of 2 kids and not enough time to browse. I enjoy browsing these sites…

    Have fun shopping.

  4. Great idea! Love discovering more sites like this and love having opinions from people who’ve actually used the sites. Really useful! Thanks 🙂


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