Day 8 of the Baby Gizmo 15 Strollers in 15 Days Giveaway

Isn’t Baby Gizmo great?  It’s Day 8!

*Congrats to Day 7 winner – ___Andrea J. from Louisville, KY___

Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of the Giveaway! If you have been with us the past six days – it’s all the same!  (Remember:  You have to log in and do your extra entries EVERY DAY if you want to be entered every day.) 

Now, before we tell you how you enter to win – you must check out the B-Agile.  Yes, it’s a requirement to check out our full review and watch our video review to learn all about the stroller.  We are giving away the strollers – so we make the rules!  You can’t win if you don’t know what you are winning!  🙂  Plus, you know we love to throw Baby Gizmo quizzes around.  So, go ahead check out the stroller and we’ll wait.  Here is our full review of the Britax B-Agile: 


Okay, now we all know how fabulous the B-Agile is and we all want one, right?  Each day for 15 days (June 16-30), a random winner will be picked from all the entries that we have received from that day to win a B-Agile.  Yes, you have to enter every day to be entered every day! 

How do you enter, you ask?  It’s easy!  All you have to do is log in at to be entered to win! 


Extra Entries:

Want to up your chances of winning?  You have the opportunity to get FOUR additional entries into the giveaway! (You still HAVE to log in to though)

**You will receive ONE extra entry into the giveaway (for each thing you do) if you:

1) All you have to do is leave a comment here on RatedbyMom and tell us one of your favorite features of the B-Agile!  That’s ONE entry!

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One random winner will be chosen each day from the entries THAT DAY! 

So, log in to Baby Gizmo, do your extra entries and let the giveaways begin!

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  1. Would love to win this for Mine and my Son’s first bday. His is on Wednesday!! mine a week later. crossing my fingers!!

  2. Day 9…love the hard for toddlers to escape buckle! Would absolutely go bonkers if I won! What an opportunity (or 15) lol.

  3. I’m liking that easily adjusted harness. That makes it much more versatile as I can switch riders without a lot of hassle.

  4. Lucky number 8 or was that 7 and I missed out? Hmp…Fingers crossed for today!! I also facebook commented. Thanks for the chances!!

  5. I have the PPSkate,which I love, but it is so heavy. I would love to have this stroller becuase of the lightweight:)

  6. Having this fabulous stroller for vacation would make our trip so much easier! Love the fold and large hood!

  7. Can Dads win???????!!!!!! I love taking walks with my kids and would not mind pushing this cool stroller around the neighborhood. All the moms would sure be jealous!!! I like that it’s lightweight and still can carry a lot. The small, cheap umbrella stroller we have now is not cutting it! I refuse to be seen pushing it around. Looks like I’m pushing a doll stroller. Please help me so I can push my little ones in public and look cool again!!! Lol

  8. Being that I’m so tall (6’3″), I like how the B-Agile accommodates tall parents with the arched handle bar and frame to avoid kicking the basket.

  9. I love the extended sun visor for this stroller. I also like the color choices – Black and red.

    newbiemumintraining at yahoo dot com

  10. What I love about the B-Agile:

    B-Braking System is flip flop friendly

    A-All Wheel Suspension System to absorb the bumps
    G-Giant Canopy
    L-Large Comfortable Seat
    E-Easy Fold

    I hope day #8 is my lucky day! I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed, hoping & praying to see my name as the next winner! If I had to choose only 1 thing about the B-Agile, it would be the easy fold. But I do love EVERYTHING about it!

  11. Babygizmo B-agile giveaway day 8
    A win today sure would be great
    I love the canopy and the tall handles
    And a brake I can release with my sandals!

    extra entry on fb

  12. Wow! Wow! Wow! I just discovered this website TONIGHT!! Where have I been?!?!?? This is an amazing website and blog!!! And the giveaways….seriously!!! I love everything about the B-Agile stroller….from the large canopy to the quality, manuverability, three wheels, etc…What’s not to like!!! I can’t wait to tell all my mamma friends about this site and giveaways!! Seriously amazing!!

  13. Still wanting this stroller for the same reasons i’ve been logging in all week for but most of all to say that I have one something.

  14. B-Agile is B-eautifully designed with a deep recline for naps plus a mesh window for a nice breeze.
    Tweeting, blogging, posting and facebooking as always of course!

  15. 7 is a lucky number … i hope to make 8 a lucky number for me … the easy fold is always great in a stroller … makes life a little easier when traveling or doing errands!

  16. MaryWithrow1 Mary Withrow
    They make great strollers, easy to fold, large seat, big canopy! I wish they had pink? lo l#BabyGizmoGiveaway

  17. Congrads to all the winners! We have a baby girl on the way and would love a new stroller…They make great strollers, easy to fold, large seat, big canopy! I wish they had pink? lol

  18. I’ve said it a few days already – but I love how the stroller looks, that its lightweight, and the large canopy 🙂 I’d love it even more if I can inspect it in person hehehe

  19. I love the look of the stroller more than anything. The one handed fold up and the padded 5 point harness is great! It would be great if we won on day 8!

  20. Hope we win today!! We need it sooo bad! Loving the PADDED five point harness and the easy one handed fold up!

  21. I love that you don’t have to rethread the harness and I also love that the buckle is hard to un-do. My son right now can easily snap out of his lightweight stroller and his carseat, so definitely into something that he can’t un-snap easy! Would love to win the stroller still!!

  22. I love the 55 lb weight limit! My family has big, fast growing children and it would be great to have a stroller that will last us longer than the rest!

  23. Love that I can fold this stroller w one hand 🙂 Such a great idea… we moms do so much juggling as it is, it’s nice to see someone has that in mind when creating a stroller!!

  24. I love how easy it is to fold. I need both hands for my current one and it’s a hassle. I also hate having to put my son in the car while I go to the back to deal with that. Thanks!

  25. The roomy basket with side entry is the awesome B-Agile stroller’s feature that mine doesn’t have. Daddy bought me a new diaper bag for Mother’s Day which is bigger than my old one and I have to lift up the car seat whenever I need to get anything out…not so fun for my little man! 🙁

  26. I would go silly if I won! I so would love to win one for my 5month old 🙂 My fav feature has to be the light weight and compact fold!

  27. I love that you can close it with one hand since I have to juggle my cane as well! Would be a big improvement from the Graco travel system stroller!

  28. I love this product so much. It has been so difficult to find a good stroller for my son that is functional and easy to use. This stroller solves those problems and more. It is easy to breakdown and setup with full hands… And is a lot lighter than almost any stroller I have seen. Great idea….

  29. as each day of the give away slips by i just hope and hope more and more that we win one of these bad boys! b-agile come home to us!

  30. day 8, day 8, it would make my day if i won on day 8!!!!! i love the B-Agile, great coverage, roomy, and love the seat! WIDE ENOUGH!!! LOVE B-AGILE! BLK OR RED IM NOT PICKY!

  31. I love how big and comfy the seat is. Very important for my chunky guy! We need a new stroller so this is perfect. I also love how stylish it is!!!!!

  32. Still loving that it’s a lightweight stroller (which I don’t own) with an easy fold and a snack tray. We just came back from Dutch Wonderland and realized how much we need a stroller just like this.

  33. The B-Agile is super cool!
    It fits your child from infant through school.
    I love the easy fold, it’s so lightweight.
    Please pick me to win for day #8!

  34. It is hard to believe this giveaway is halfway over. I have looked forward to entering it each morning. I love the stroller, particularly the large sunshade and flexible storage basket.

  35. With its easy fold, huge canopy, automatic lock and big roomy seat plus it’s lightweight! Britax B-Agile is the Super Star of strollers

  36. I love the quick one-hand fold! I get to hold my baby in one arm and fold with the other? WIN!!!!!! it also has an automatic lock – YES!!!!!!

  37. Hope we win 🙂 Love the versatility of the stroller, easy fold and it being lightweight. Love the canopy that is great to cover the baby!

  38. I love that the B-Agile is fully reclineable if your child needs to nap and I also love the large canopy and how lightweight it is!

  39. Ah! Already day 8! My favorite feature is the large seat. Enough height for a larger child and wide enough for them to be comfy.

  40. Would love this stroller for my little boy due in 2.5 months! I love how lightweight it is and how easily it folds!

  41. I still can’t believe all the features you get with this lightweight stroller…easy fold, good recline, big canopy, secure harness, comfy seat…fingers are crossed for this one!

  42. I pre-ordered this stroller and car seat at Galt Baby the other night and am keeping my fingers crossed I might actually win! The stroller looked super convenient and maneuverable in the demo!

  43. I love Britax anything.. I love their car seats as well, my baby’s head has never been so comfortable until we bought Britax. So thanks Britax and I know your B-agile stroller is just great.

  44. Every single feature excites me! Especially compared to my current stroller..but I have to say maneuverability, good recline, easy fold and sunshade or top on the list!

  45. That stroller looks awesome! I need a better stroller for my daughter too! Thanks for sponsering such an awesome giveaway. 🙂

  46. I think it’s really cool how the front wheel locks into place if you want it to. I also love how easy it is to lock and unlock the back, some strollers are so hard! Your video review sold me. I want one!

  47. Yeah, yet another shot at winning! I’ll willingly take it! 😉 Hubby was just complaining about folding down our travel system stroller; bet he could do this one no prob! 😀

  48. The B-Agile is a great stroller to win. The adjustable harness utilizes a zipper mechanism looks simple enough and the reclining of the stroller gives so many options. I love the mesh window for when the infant is reclined. Finally, the folding of the B-Agile looks amazingly easy.

  49. I love all the features on this stroller! Quick fold, large canopy, and the fact that it looks very durable are awesome!! ^_^ (would be great to replace the cheap stroller we have)

  50. What a great stroller!!! The features look very convenient, but with a modern feel (not too bulky like some strollers/travel systems) I would love to win this stroller!!!!!

  51. Would <3 to win the Britax B-Agile stroller 🙂 I love so many of it's features – including the nearly full recline, huge canopy and SUPER DUPER EASY FOLD! Twittered too!

  52. One of my favorite features is the one-hand quick fold and the way the seat reclines to almost flat! That’s awesome!!! =)


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