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  1. Amazing! Mega informative piece of writing. We are book-marking the particular web page right now. Bless you!

  2. I don’t really don’t know about bad day cares cause the only child i have is not with me, and i know the mother left the child in places were she got abused when she was little, but i have a cousin that studied to daycare assistance or something and she one day came talking about that she had fixation on a little afro american baby that had big penis and that she like black males and is funny that they have big penis since they are little, i will not like some talking about my baby genitals i will so no trust some one like her or any one with my baby, to bad i did haven got the chance to take those decisions but if it was for me the baby should not have to stay no were but the mother or any of the parents, to bad for people that does trust or have to trust any one else with their kids…………..

  3. Wow – ratios of 5 to 1 for newborns? Where I am (Ontario, Canada) the ratio is 3 to 1 until 18 months or so. This being said that government imposed ratio ends up costing us a small fortune ($1500 a month per child until 20 months and the daycare tells us they lose money at that rate. They make up for it when the kids are older). Not sure how I would afford it if I had twins or 2 kids spaced closely. This being said, we are lucky in Canada to get paid Maternity leave for 1 year so I only have to bear this rate for a few months.

    All and all a great post!!! I could relate to all your points. I went through a very similar ordeal to find my daughter a daycare. Couldn’t find anything that fit our needs, either home day care or center. I now love the center she ended up in, although like you, we experienced a LOT (and I mean a lot!!!) of sickness.

  4. As a mom and a daycare provider you really hit the nail on the head. I will say that after a decade of wiping noses, I hardley ever get sick and the same goes for all three of my kids. The loss of control is hard, but you must shop around and get an idea of each place’s method on raising kids, making sure it matches your own. Potty training is where I disagreed with our former provider. I wanted to wait till they were ready then go straight to underware, they insisted on pull-ups too early and it took forever to train them. Look around, and don’t rule out daycare homes. Numbers are smaller and it is a HOME.

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