Daycare Worker Caught Breastfeeding Child When Mother Told Her “No” Twice

Daycare Worker Caught Breastfeeding Child When Mother Told Her No Twice

A mother in North Carolina is furious after she left her son at daycare and a worker breastfed him when she was told not to. Kaycee Oxendine, who works in the same center, was dropping her 3 month old off when she claims the worker stated her son was constipated. She says the worker mentioned that she had a 2 month old and asked if Kaycee would like her to breastfeed the boy. Kaycee twice refused. “I said no, that’s nasty. We don’t do things like that.”

But moments later, CCTV footage shows the worker sitting down and bringing the baby to her breast. Check out the video below.

Kaycee and her family are outraged. She also claims the boy is lactose intolerant and that they had to rush him to hospital after he was sick later that day.

This is not a breastfeeding issue. I love nursing and have donated milk to another woman’s son. This issue here is consent. The mother said no, and for the worker to go ahead and nurse the baby anyway is outrageous.

No means no. Always. How many times do we need to keep repeating this?

The worker has been fired, but Kaycee is hoping that the police will press charges. “My baby couldn’t say ‘No, don’t do that.” He couldn’t defend himself.”

Do you agree that the police should press charges against the worker?


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