Dear Judgy Judgersons…

We all know that once you become a mom, you enter the world of Judgerville. It’s a mean and brutal sorority that you don’t have to ask to be in because you are thrown into it whether you like it or not. Judgerville is the place where everyone judges your every parental move and rakes you over the coals for not doing it their way.

Before the internet, it was just nosy neighbors judging everything you did, but now with social media, moms have taken it upon themselves to be so much more brutal and mean to other moms online. Saying things they would never have the nerve to say to someone’s face but since they are sitting behind the security of their own computer, they feel a need or a right to chastise other moms as if they are the end-all, be-all of parents. Here is my open letter to all the Judgy Judgersons out there…


Dear Judgy Judgerson,

Yes, you are perfect. You are the image of sheer perfection in mommy-world. Obviously, every choice you have ever made is the right decision and you are brilliant. For that – I bow to you. Can’t you just be happy knowing that, and not share all your wisdom, critiques and outright judging with every single mom you encounter?

Being a mom is hard. Some days it feels like the hardest job in the world and I’m not sure how I’m going to make it to bedtime. Some days the crying, fighting, whining, temper tantrums, and chaos just feel a bit overwhelming. Kids are…well…kids. They can be awesome but they can also be exhausting.

The last thing I want to hear is that I’m doing everything wrong from the same women who are going through the exact same thing that I am. The same women who are supposed to feel my pain not give me more pain.

You’ve done everything right. You breastfed until your child was 3. You never checked your smart phone or watched TV while breastfeeding because you were constantly making eye contact for proper bonding. You never nursed your baby with intention of getting him back to sleep. When you did bottle feed, you had your child weaned by their first birthday without fail. You had your baby sleeping peacefully through the night at 2 days old with your strict schedule. You never let your baby cry themselves to sleep. You never rocked your baby to sleep. You never propped up a bottle with a receiving blanket so that your baby could eat (in a car seat – gasp!) when you didn’t have a free hand. You never forgot to restock diapers in the diaper bag and were left diaper-less with a diaper blowout at the car dealership. You never used a pacifier. You never used the Exersaucer as a babysitter to just to get a few things done around the house. You always cloth diapered to be the greenest mommy you could be. You read your kids countless books every single night no matter how tired you were. You never got tired. You never cried in the middle of the night that you just wanted the baby to go back to sleep. You never raised your voice to your children. You made all your own baby food all from organic fruits and vegetables, of course. You never missed videoing a baby milestone. You never gave your babies one taste of sugar (especially lollipop sugar!). You never stopped by McDonald’s because you just couldn’t bear to make dinner. You never contemplated calling a dry cleaning service to pick up all 10 loads of laundry that you just didn’t think you could get done. You never let your kids watch TV so you could have time to yourself. You never let your kid play with your iPhone so he would be quiet in the store. You never let your kids eat a piece of cheese and an ice cream cone for lunch because you just couldn’t argue about one more thing. You never felt happy that you were on vacation away from your kids because you got to have a little me-time. You never had the kids that turned into a train wreck in Walmart.

You never did any of that!  I get it. You. Are. Perfect. But me?  I am not.  And most moms aren’t either. I have done all those things and am probably still doing some of them.

I stopped breastfeeding at 6 months.

I’ve checked my iPhone or watched TV while breastfeeding because you know why? Babies breastfeed A LOT!  Like every 2 hours. There is only so much eye contact bonding I can do.

I nursed babies back to sleep.

My 3rd baby drank from a bottle until one week shy of his 2nd birthday.

My last baby didn’t sleep through the night until 9 months and still at 2 years old may wake up from time to time.

My babies many times cried themselves to sleep.

My middle child slept in a crib until he was almost 4.

I rocked my babies to sleep from time to time.

I propped up that bottle in the car seat!

I was diaper-less at a car dealership with a diaper blowout.

My babies used pacifiers and it took until my oldest was 3 to wean her from it!

The Exersaucer was my best friend when my kids were babies.

I use and always have used disposable diapers.

I get tired and sometimes don’t read to my kids.

I’ve cried in the middle of the night that I wanted the baby to just SLEEP.

I’ve screamed at my kids.

I’ve have never made my kid’s baby food. Yes, they ate from the jar. (gasp!)

I’ve missed videoing plenty of milestones.

I’ve given my babies Dum Dum lollipops on more than one occasion.

Dinner is out of a bag many nights and McDonalds isn’t a strange place to us.

I’ve thought about the dry cleaning service.

I let my kids watch TV. Even my toddlers!!

My kids play with my iPhone. Often.

My kids have eaten cheese and ice cream for lunch.

I’ve been happy on vacation (and not guilty!) for having me-time.

That train wreck in Walmart has been, and will be again, MY KIDS.

Yep, that’s me. Little Ms. Non-Perfect Mommy!  Sure, I put myself out there all the time online and pretty much ask for judgment. I get it. I’m a little different because I run a baby website. But I’m writing you this letter on behalf of all those other moms who are just online or at your playgroup or at school or at the mall or at the restaurant that do not have as loud a voice!  They are all not perfect, but they don’t need you to tell them so. They say something here and there only to have you jump down their throat for not doing something right.

Yes, I’m totally not perfect in the way that I judge others too. I’m not going to lie and act like I don’t. When it comes to things like car seat safety, my brother putting Mountain Dew in his kid’s sippy cups, and people having iPads for their kids who are sitting in a piece of crap stroller- I’ve judged. Yep. I did it. I can admit it. I am not perfect. Add it to my list.

But I ask you, Judgy Judgerson, to have a heart. Keep most of your judging to yourself. We all love a good discussion but sometimes your judging turns mean, brutal, unnecessary and people’s feelings get hurt. Remember we are all moms and all in this crazy ride we like to call motherhood together. Just give us imperfect moms a break. Please? Thank you.



PS. If you have to judge – just judge the celebrity moms. They aren’t really like us anyway with their nannies, night nurses and 1.3 million dollar births. Judge Beyonce. Whatever. The celebrities don’t care if we judge them, I’m sure. They probably expect it because they are “celebrities”. Opps…was that judging? 🙂





  1. Wait…you’ve only *thought* about calling the dry cleaner to pick up those 10 loads?? I’ve actually done it…at least twice…ehh. ( in my defense washing machines, are way smaller in Europe and take 3x as long to do a load…. 🙂 but hey, I’ve never five the ice cream thing for lunch, do are we even? 🙂 🙂

  2. So, um, tell me more about this dry cleaning pick up ten loads of laundry service. Can I also hire them to fold it and put it away? And my kids have never had ice cream for lunch. Just dinner. We much prefer donuts and chocolate milk for lunch 😉

  3. What’s worse than being judged by another mom? Another mom JUDGING YOUR TODDLER. A mom at the park acted like my 2-year-old was a “bad seed” because he threw at tantrum at the playground. Then, she turned to my friend (not realizing she was my friend) and tried to gossip about my son to her. My friend brushed her off in a civil manner. Yes, my son is intense and persistent, and this woman’s son appeared passive and agreeable, but does that make my baby bad? I don’t think so. Thank you, Hollie. I needed this 🙂

  4. If it’s ok for you to judge others about things that you think are very important (read: car seat safety), then you can’t get upset when they judge you. Just saying…

  5. GREAT post! So true. Especially when you are the head of a website for moms! Just comes with the job i guess! I feel like every single thing I do for my kids gets judged and i’m sure i judge too. things have changed- especially now that we get so much darn pressure to do something “educational” for our kids every single second of every single day- i can barely open a magizine without feeling guilt that i should be doing something for my kids…not good, working on doing more for myself. if it helps my two toddlers are watching peppa pig as they do every night before i tuck them in bed! it’s the only quiet second i can (kind of) get to check my email etc!!! judge away mommies!!!! lol.

    ps- we could learn a bit from our husbands in the relaxing for a minute thing!!

  6. Thanks Hollie! I needed to know I’m not the only one! My friends are only now having kids while mine are 3 1/2 and almost 8. They tell me all time, the kids shouldn’t watch tv, eat mcdonald’s or still be sitting in a stroller on occasion. I tell them, when their kids reach school age, then they can judge me. (By the way, they’re always asking me for parenting advice, so deep down they know I rock!) We all start out planning to be a “perfect” mother, but as time goes on and we learn who our kids are, we relax. My son is in 2nd grade, has spina bifida and autism, why do I need to explain this to every judgmental mom in the mall, it’s not really any of your business why he’s sitting in a stroller watching a movie. I don’t judge you with your $100 sneakers while your baby is in a 20 year old stroller (ok, maybe I do). The point is we all do it, which is ok, if we keep it to ourselves, and do the best we can for our kids. A happy meal won’t kill them! 🙂

  7. I have a 15 year old and a now 4 month old and boy have things changed. We uses to just be able to run into the gas station to pay for gas and leave the kid in the car and it was ok. Well not anymore. I used to prop the bottle up in the car seat with a blanket and the excosauer was his best friend. But this store totally made my day. Thank you!

  8. It is easier to deal with these “perfect mommies” when you realize that 1. sometimes they are genuinely concerned (i.e. I can’t help but give my research supported advice on reducing the risk of SIDS to my new mommy friends that have never even heard of SIDS), and 2. they’re just insecure. We’re all looking for a little validation on the way we’ve chosen to raise our kids. Why else would someone spend their time attacking your message board post over crib bumpers or breastfeeding? They have a need for someone to agree with and applaud their own child-rearing methods.

    I would have loved to have read this post when I was a first time mom.

  9. Hell yeah! I hate those people! I know your kid watches TV in private while eating lollipops, because when they are playing here and licking frosting of the floor they tell on you! Go like Hot Mess Mom! You will love her.

  10. ROFL!!! I get so tired of the mom wars online! I always try to keep my comments to myself in consideration for others. I think the above list of things are perfect if that is what works for you and your family! Being a parent is a hard and rewarding job and doing whatever it takes to stay sane and happy makes it all worth it! Now if you are drinking excessively, smoking and doping it up around your children, I may judge you! 🙂

  11. Are people being hard on you for your new gadget pre-review? Give me a break people! Leave other mommies alone– except for car seat safety isues. Inform those moms, nicely, about how easy it is to keep their kids more protected. Nobody deserves the greatness of being a mom. We all do what we can to take care of as much as we can.

  12. Hollie, I don’t feel so bad about my Mommy skills now. Thank you for the post. I rEaLlY needed it today. I feel guilty for saying under my breath, “I wish you would shut up,” when my four month old keeps crying despite my best efforts to determine what is wrong/needs/wants/does not want, etc.

  13. I love this. I sometimes am the judger as well, most definitely when it comes to car seats because I’m also a CPST.
    I’ve also done most of the things you mentioned and my 19 month old is still drinking from a bottle.


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