Dear Moon Dough, We are Not Friends

Dear Moon Dough, We are Not Friends

We all are familiar with the joys of Playdoh.  We played with it as kids and now our kids play with it.  Sure, it can be messy but it is super fun for kids.  Sure, it can dry out but it’s cheap to replace.  We are talking like 88 cents a container. 

What you may or may not be familiar with is Moon Dough.  My son received a Moon Dough Farm for Christmas.  It looked fun.  I thought it might be a modern type of Playdoh.  Yes, it’s hypo-allergenic and wheat-free.  Both good things. That is where the good things stop! 

Dear Moon Dough, We are Not Friends

Here is how Spin Master describes Moon Dough:  “It’s the revolutionary new dough like nothing you have ever played with before!  It’s a soft, light and super smooth dough that never dries out!”   

Sounds good, right?  It’s not.  Yes, it can be fun for the kids but the messiness of it completely outweighs the fun (at least for parents!).  It’s a nightmare and I’m not kidding!  It’s a crumbly mess that can and will ruin carpets and rugs.  Sure, you can have your kids play with it outside where the mess doesn’t matter.  That’s all great for the summer!  But in the dead of winter here in Chicago, that is not a possibility. I wouldn’t have such a problem if the Moon Dough package stated “this is an OUTSIDE activity”.  It’s deceiving.  I would never put a water table inside for play.  But Moon Dough makes you think it’s like Playdoh and okay for inside play.  It’s not! 

So, what is my problem with Moon Dough specifically?  It is not like dough at all.  They should really stop calling it dough.  It’s a really light foam-like material that crumbles very, very easily when you touch it.  Not like Playdoh at all!  All these little crumbles then get everywhere.  They fall on the floor and pretty much float all over the place.  You’ll most definitely miss a piece or two while cleaning it up and your child will step in the pieces.  Then those pieces will make their way to your carpet and be nearly impossible to get out.  It will smash into the rug and you will try in vain to remove it.  And don’t even try water because that makes it worse.  You’ll be picking up pieces of Moon Dough for days!

My suggestion is that if your child receives Moon Dough as a gift.  Throw it away!  And then think about your relationship with the person that gave it to them.  Had you pissed them off lately?  Are they angry with you?  And unless, you would like to re-gift it to an enemy, I would just make the Moon Dough disappear (into the trash!). 

Now, my only problem is trying to make our Moon Dough disappear because my kids really do like it.  What kid doesn’t like a mess?  Unfortunately, mom does not and I cannot risk ruined carpet.  So, the Moon Dough has to go!

Think I’m being over dramatic about the Moon Dough?  Go out and pick up a package of this “revolutionary dough” and let me know how it works out for you. 🙂

Dear Moon Dough, We are Not Friends


Dear Moon Dough, We are Not Friends



  1. This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time and is SO TRUE!! I hate moon dough or anything similar. This evil substance has been banned from my house. I’d like to add 1 more thing I hate about moon dough is that it makes your floors (wooden, linoleum, tile) so slick that your kids are falling for days after you vacuumed and mop the stuff up. I hate moon dough!!!

  2. Your review is senseless and sensational. My 3 year old played with it in a tiled area. I vaccumed the little bits up I couldn’t pick up. The fault does not lie in the product, but in your expectation of children playing without making a mess.

  3. Yes- it is terrible!! I can tolerate a lot of messy stuff, but this puts me over the edge unless i am mentally prepared for it and it is done outside! Thanks for the heads up about staining the concrete!

  4. Oh my gosh, I found your post while googling this disaster known as Moon Dough. My kids just got it as a gift for Christmas. Total nightmare of a mess. I hate it! It holds no shape and causes such a huge mess!

  5. OMG. Just wrote a post about this today, then googled to see what others thought, and found your blog. This stuff was AWFUL! I’m glad it wasn’t just me. 🙂

  6. I bought the barn set also, thinking that it was similar to playdoh. The barn mold is cute, but the moon dough is terrible! The package says age 3+. This is not a toy for a 3 year old! The moon dough crumbles apart into little pieces and gets everywhere! It does not play like a dough at all! I supervised my daughter and we played with it on a cookie sheet on the kitchen table. It is not much fun to play with when I have to constantly nag her to keep it in the pan! I would mold the animals for her and she had fun smushing them. It is something that will end up on the top shelf of the closet!

  7. The stuff is horrible. Clearly whoever invented the stuff did NOT have small children. I bought Moon Sand once thinking it was a cleaner alternative to regular sand. It said it could form things and stick together. It was a total outside toy which made me question why i didn’t just buy regular sand. I let them use it once and it got all mixed with outher outside gravel and stick and I threw it away. What a waste of money!

  8. It definitely is messy, and despite the package saying you can reuse it, if it gets on the floor and picks up dirt and hair, I just throw it out. And don’t be fooled with it outside either. It stained our concrete porch!

  9. This is exactly what I planned on doing today with my four year old son since the weather is keeping us inside.
    I can’t tell him no now so I am off to the lovely adventure of messiness. Im going to have him do it in the kitchen so I don’t have to worry about the carpet. Thank you so much for the article!!

  10. I do believe it is messier than Playdoh but I don’t think it is as extreme as you make it sound. Yes it got everywhere, even in my carpet but unlike Playdoh it vacuumed up very easily. I still prefer Playdoh but don’t find Moon Dough to be all that bad.

  11. I have heard this exact same thing from a dozen parents now and I’m so sorry it happened to you! I honestly (other than previous commenters here) have not heard a GOOD report at all.

    Blech! Down with Moon Dough!

  12. We got some for Christmas too and I really don’t know why everyone hates it so much. Sure it crumbles and is messy but it feels so neat and cleanup was a breeze. I just swept it all into the containers and wiped up what fell on the floor. If it got on carpet, then a quick vacuum will get it. Its way less messy than Moon Sand, which I have to vacuum off the floor (including hardwood floors) AND off the kids clothes. They love both and, though its not something we get out every day, its not something I’d just throw out. Just my 2 cents.

  13. Now I’m nervous!! I bought this for my son for his birthday and also for my best friend’s daughter for Christmas! We have never played with Moon Dough, but like you I thought “Hey, this stuff sounds great!”. :/ I must admit, though…I am curious about the texture of that stuff!!


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