Dear Nosy Rosy…

Dear Nosy Rosy; 

I saw you looking at Little Bud the other day while I was at the grocery store.  Initially, I assumed you just wanted to comment on what a little cutie pie he is.  Being the proud momma that I am, of course I appreciate every compliment he gets.  You steered your shopping cart into the checkout line behind us and gave Little Bud a smile. 

You looked nice enough, so when you struck up a conversation, I jumped on in.  We chatted for a few seconds, wherein you mentioned just what a big ol’ boy Little Bud was.  Sure, I know he’s on the chunky side.  After all, I had proudly displayed his ample thighs in his newest pair of summer shorts and matching Pedipeds, so I wasn’t too surprised to hear this comment. 

I casually mentioned that he is only 15 months old.  The look of pure shock I got from you in return was a bit startling to be sure.  I went on to explain that daddy is 6’8, so Little Bud is destined for either the NBA or NFL.  This conversation went on for a few more minutes as we waited for our turn to checkout.  At one point, you gave a shrill laugh and said Little Bud ought to me pushing me in the cart instead of the other way around (not funny). 

I forced out a small chuckle and prayed that the little old blue-haired lady who was running the cash register would COME ON ALREADY!  I guess this is what I get for trying to buy groceries on senior citizen discount day – sigh.  I casually turned back to you and made the comment that my little football star hasn’t started walking yet, so there wasn’t much chance of me hopping a ride in the buggy. 

What flew out of your mouth at that point was something that no woman should ever mention to another lady in the checkout line (EVER)– “He really should be walking by this age.  Have you taken him to a specialist yet?”  Please excuse the blank stare that must have been on my face at that moment.  I was trying to keep from losing it and going commando in front of all those older folks. 

I am not one to get angry (ever).  I’m generally pretty laid back, but when you mess with a cub, you will inevitably unleash the mama bear.  I mean come on.  A specialist? REALLY?!  Don’t you know that all kids develop at their own speed?  Little Bud will walk when he is good and ready.  After all, you must be an MD to give out such “helpful” guidance to all of us clueless mothers who obviously don’t know what we are doing. 

You don’t see me making comments on how bad your hair looks and asking if you have seen a stylist about your little “hair issue” recently.  Woman to woman, we just don’t do that.  We’re supposed to be in this sisterhood together!  There are certain things that are off limits, and my children are #1 on the list.  I will thank you to keep your comments and advice to yourself next time and I will make sure to do the same. 

If I want advice from a complete stranger about my child’s development, I will make sure to ask you next time. Maybe we can meet by the first aid products in case I lose control of my better judgment.


Mad Mama Bear

Veronika Smith, Editor Veronika is a full time working mother of the two craziest, greatest boys ever, ages 9 months (Little Bud) and 10 years (Big Bud). This Kentucky mom holds a degree in business from Indiana Wesleyan University and is currently pursuing a second degree in nursing. She is a slave to all gadgets that promise to make her life easier and increase her "productive abilities". With her most recent family addition, this obsession has stretched to include the wonderful world of baby-sized gadgets! She also has a passion for fashion and the nose for a great deal. Several friends have (unflatteringly?) referred to her as the bargain bloodhound. They don't call her the coupon queen for nothing!


  1. I just don’t get why everyone thinks they are an expert in childhood development and feel they need to give you the benefit if their opinion. It seems like from the minute you are pregnant till they graduate from college, we are expected to take advice from every Tom, Dick, and Harry. My 16 month old is just now starting to toddle a little, and of course everyone has to act shocked when they hear this. I just smile and say “He’s going at his own pace” and change the subject, but it is definitely irritating.

  2. funny letter!! People make comments to me all the time on this or that and i just brush them off, super annoying but what can you do?


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