Dear Parenting Police, Get A Life

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The latest in the “You’re Doing It Wrong” parenting movement is the dust up over David and Victoria Beckham allowing their 4-year old daughter to have a pacifier. As a friend of mine, who is a child advocate, so eloquently stated this morning on Facebook, “I wonder if the critics who are shaming David and Victoria Beckham for giving their four year old a pacifier have ever advocated for adoption or defended a child who was being abused.”

I cannot accurately answer that question, but I can tell you that giving an “issue” such as this media attention is just another nail in the coffin for American culture. It’s not only symptomatic of the self-righteous movement of electronically policing other parents, it adds to the ever-expanding crap pile of non-news that is rotting our collective national brain.

If a child advocate, development expert, or concerned parent truly wants to make a difference in the lives of children, then perhaps they should pay attention to stories like this: A 3-year old child left tied up in closet while his foster parents went out of town. He died. How did these people become foster parents? What is the name of agency involved? How can tragedies like this be prevented? What can be done on a national and state level to improve success rates for agencies that place children and are responsible for their well-being? These are valid questions worth media attention, public ire, parental judgment, and expert opinions.

Let’s be concerned about creating a future generation of adults who are people capable of problem solving, critical thinking, and running this country. Their pacifier use at age four is probably not relevant. I mean, I’m not a f*ing expert, I’m just guessing. Maybe pacifier opinions and other parenting distractions of the day can be saved for getting drunk with your girlfriends in private?

Instead, we the privileged whiners of America, worry about pacifiers, GMO’s, organic blankets, and the right preschool. These are manufactured issues from people who have very few real problems. Parents living in poverty, children being sexually abused, families with chronic food insecurity, and families without health insurance don’t give a crap about David and Victoria Beckham’s pacifier policy in their own home. And neither do I. Or anyone else I know.

Who in the hell do you think you are to judge other parents for innocuous things like pacifiers? Get a clue experts, and while you’re at, shut up when you’re talking to me.

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