Dear Sweet Baby

Today is my due date. Some women approach their due date like it’s no big deal. It is only an estimated guess as to when baby will arrive. Sadly, I am not one of these women. I want my baby out. Now. It’s a mix of being very excited to meet him, and being uncomfortable. So here is a poem I wrote to our dear, sweet little boy, who seems to be enjoying his time where he is.

Dear Sweet Baby,

40 weeks have come and passed and you are still inside,

I tried to coax you out with walks, but you just turn and hide.

You bounce around like it’s so fun, but yet there is no room,

It’s cramped inside my belly, please say you’ll come out soon.


Getting kicked in the bladder is not my kind of joy,

But to you it’s all a game with my organ being the toy.


Dear Sweet Baby, in my tummy will you forever camp?

Your daddy wants to meet you, so he rubs my belly like a lamp.


We love to feel you hiccuping, it’s really very sweet,

Although it tends to start when I’m about to go to sleep.


Dear Sweet Baby, is it very comfortable where you are?

Because it’s 97 degrees out here and I’m a melting chocolate bar.


Your big sister is getting excited to meet your darling self,

She pulls out all your clothes and claims “Baby boy!” as she tries to help.


Dear Sweet Baby, your mama is asking that you come out before it gets too sore,

So we can all talk and kiss and cuddle and love you even more.


Has your due date been and gone? How did you feel?