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  1. I was 4 days overdue & I was so lost. I had done everything to be completely prepared by that due date, then I didnt know what to do with myself. Plus you are just sooooo done being pregnant! I know how you feel! My best advice relax, sleep, go for a massage, after baby comes you will beso happy you did that for yourself!

  2. Hang in there! I am 10 days over right now, though I am lucky enough to still be comfortable. My only pain is the ringing phone, and the comments. I guess I should be happy that so many care, but for the last time I don’t know when she will be here! Good luck with your little one!

  3. I feel your pain. My LO arrived 13 days after her due date. It was very uncomfortable but I think the hardest part was wanting to meet her so badly! I hope you meet your little boy soon! 🙂

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