Dear TV, iPhone and iPad- I’m Sorry I Judged You

Kids with iPads

Dear Tv, iPhone and iPad,

I’m sorry I wronged you.

I’m sorry in the past I saw kids glued to your screen and scoffed “I will never be that mother!”

I’m sorry I questioned how hard it was for parents to keep their kids entertained that they had to resort to using in while in restaurants, checkout lines or at the post office. My arrogant mind kept thinking- “How hard can it be? Get the kid some stickers or an organic apple!”

What was I possibly thinking?

I thought I knew best. I thought, without ever actually having had a ten second experience of what it is like to be a mother, that it was…. not that hard. Not that emotional. Not that exhausting. I had no clue of what it is like to be a tired, so-over-the-battles, can’t-take-anymore-whining, PLEASE-stop-the-negotiating, don’t-have-a-tantrum-I-beg-you-not-now parent. No clue.

And yet I acted like I did. I judged. Yes, I said it, I judged them! And you! You, with your easy-parenting-way-out, your flashing screen, and addictive swiping and tapping.

Oh how I love your addictive swiping and tapping now. You save me. Pretty much every, single day. How wrong could I have been?! I never thought about the times when the kids would wake up at 5am and I would hand you over and close my eyes for just a few more minutes. The times when I would just need to make a really important phone call, and you would keep them both quiet and in one spot long enough for me to hear myself and the other person! Or when there was screaming in the car seat and you magically calmed down the crazy with your happy, smiling screen.

You have been there when no-one was. They won’t understand. But we understand. You, me and all the other totally exhausted parents.

I’m sorry I judged you. I can’t thank you enough for all that you do. And I will NEVER let you leave me.


Mom of Two