Dear Walmart Employee…

Dear Walmart Employee,

I have just returned from our encounter and I would just like to get a little something off my chest.  Yes, I’m sure you heard us coming toward your checkout lane with the volume of an entire kindergarten class at recess and you were a little surprised to only see three kids.  And yes, the holiday season makes them extra spunky!  I’m sure you were hoping, wishing and praying that my “parade” wouldn’t stop in your lane 17.  Well, we did. 

Yes, my two year old was melting down and crying with the magnitude of a freight train that he wanted to hold the eggs and insisted that the Cheetos be opened at that very second. 

Yes, my 4 year old brushed your arm with the roll of Christmas wrapping paper as he was trying to hand it to you but did you have to act like it was a machete and not just the roll of paper?

Yes, my 6 year old was touching every single thing that you have displayed in the checkout lane.  That, my friend, is Walmart’s fault and not mine.  If you are going to cram your checkout lanes with every toy, trinket and trash you can find that just screams “PLAY WITH ME” to children, you have to expect them to touch it all. 

Yes, you had to piece together the UPC code from the Oscar Meyer hotdogs that my 2 year old had basically shredded just to get the item scanned.

Yes, my 4 year old was trying to spin the wheel of plastic bags as you were trying to put in groceries, but in my defense, I shut that shit down immediately.  And no one was hurt! I don’t completely suck as a parent!

Yes, I had a whole four coupons that you had to scan and it probably gave you carpal tunnel from doing it.

Yes, my four year old was opening and closing the handicapped shelf that rotates out for easier credit card signing or check writing.  But again, I shut that shit down.

Yes, I wanted cash back and didn’t realize that asking to break down one of the twenties was such a major request that it could possibly ruin someone’s day.

Yes, I requested that my milk gallon be placed in a double bag for easier carrying.  I didn’t realize that that 5 seconds was going to put you behind your grueling checkout schedule. I’m sorry but I’m just trying to make my life a teeny-weeny bit easier when I am unloading my groceries into my house with my “parade” in tow.

Yes, you had to endure all of this for a whole FIVE MINUTES!  For that – I am sorry….

…BUT couldn’t you have at least faked a smile, stopped rolling your eyes, stopped mumbling under your breath, stopped shooting my kids looks of death, said hello or at least goodbye (or any recognition that I was an actual person – which I believe is Walmart policy), and told yourself that at least it was me taking these “spunky” kids home and not you? 

I’m sure a “Happy Holidays” would have killed you but remember it was ONLY 5 MINUTES!!! 



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Linda Meyers-Gabbard

Did I tell you I love this!!!

I have mixed feelings about this post. I really dislike Walmart and only shop there as a last report….. I can relate to the unhelpful Walmart associate (and yes I can appreciate the fact that they get paid next to nothing… not exactly a recipe for friendliness). HOWEVER, I would like to say that were I at Walmart shopping when this situation happened I would have been given Hollie’s children a dirty look as well. I have two children (under the age of 3y/o), I get that kids have meltdowns at inopportune times or that toddlers rip UPC stickers off… Read more »
Katy Hawalka

I’m not sure how this post can be consider “extremely offensive”. I didn’t hear Hollie asking for “personalized service” or expecting for them kiss her ass. I believe all she asked for was a little respect and understanding as a fellow human being.
I don’t care how much money you make, how overworked you are or how exhausted you are- attitude is everything. Just because someone doesn’t make a lot of money they get a free pass for being rude?

Well written Hollie 🙂


I find this post extremely offensive. That employee works for minimum wage, is probably over worked and exhausted. Maybe we should have more empathy for these folks as oppose to expecting them to kiss our asses. If you want better and personalized service don’t shop at a big box storr

Marjorie Bernardin
Oh Holly….Holly! I NEEDED that laugh after the day I had today! Don’t you just love it when you are spending YOUR money in these STORES…and you have to deal with the attitudes from the cashiers. I have a twelve year old, a two-year old and the youngest will be a year old in January, so I could relate to EVERYTHING you just said in your blog! I feel that every time I go through a checkout lane it is the same experience, no help and always an attitude especially from WALMART employees. I hate to do it, but sometimes… Read more »
Bwahaha! This happened to me a few weeks ago. Almost EXACTLY the same thing, except that I split my items into three tickets and my kids headed for the new “electronics” area that they put up front with the big TVs that are sitting on stands in the walkway. My 1 year old proceeded to fall on her face and another Walmart employee returned her to me while my 4 year olds ran back and forth between the check-out line and the electronics area. It was the LONGEST 5 minutes of my life, but on their behalf… we were 2… Read more »
Denise B

That was hysterical! It’s even funnier knowing that it is just not the Walmart you went to, but pretty much EVERY Walmart. If it wasn’t for their cheap prices, no one would shop there. Totally why I’m a Target person, the emploees are so much friendlier. The cashier today even forgot to ring in a few of my items because she was too busy “flirting” with my little man in the carriage =-).

Nina c
This is EXACTLY why I don’t ever go to Walmart. Lower prices or not, I don’t need to treated as if I am bothering them. God forbid they ever greet me or ever know where anything is. Holli, they treat me like this even when I am shopping alone without my kids so dont think it was anything that your typical 3 children did. I absolutely hate that store because of the workers. I’m not saying ALL are that way but most of them are THE unhappiest people I’ve ever encountered. Oh and are the cashiers slow!!! I’ve actually left… Read more »

Amen. This intolerant, unempathetic person quite obviously was *not* a parent. 🙂 Been there, done that too many times to recall with my lot and the checkout is usually the last straw.

Hope your next shopping experience is a better one! Happy Holidays!!

I have been on both ends of the spectrum here. I have worked at Wal mart and at Target. I also have 2 of my own girls and and 2 borthers that I take care of on a regular basis. All 6 and under all of which can be handfuls at any given moment. It is in the hand books at both places that you are to smile and greet each person that comes through your line. I know it isn’t always that easy and a there are always enough problems in your world not to smile at a coustomer.… Read more »
I’m a little surprised that your expectation was for more than what you got. I am always pleasantly surprised when a cashier has a pleasant reaction to my two children (3 and 1) acting up. At my local grocery store, they always have a smile, but at Wal-mart? I have never had a positive experience at that store with “customer service.” Make a choice not to shop there – it will be far more beneficial to your sanity than writing corporate a letter – and the “savings” will be greater than the dollars you save shopping somewhere unpleasant. Remember, YOU… Read more »
Rachel N
I completely understand this from both sides. I have 2 kids, ages 2 and 6 months and it is hard to go shopping with them and they do not always behave. BUT it is important that they learn, we can’t just stop taking our kids out because it is hard and it may annoy some people. Our children need to learn how to behave in public and the only way to do that is to practice and yes they will make mistakes. I also understand this from the employee’s point of view though. I worked retail for 7 years before… Read more »
I have had this soo many times that I almost expect it! but my favorite was last year at Christmas we were buying some ornaments for my mom “Grandma” and my almost 3.5 y/o wanted to pay. We were at Macy’s with an older cashier, my 3yo reached into her empty pocket and pulled out “magic money,” she told the cashier it was magic and handed it to her asking to buy the item for her grandma. It was so cute I almost cried, the cashier on the other hand gave me the look of death. I said Merry Christmas… Read more »
April G

SOOO true!! I hate even going to certain stores because of the rudeness and lack of customer service. This happens all too often and companies could care less about the customer these days and they do not train their employees to care about the customer.


aren’t Walmart employees required by store policy to smile and ask you how you are? I am pretty sure I read that somewhere.