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  1. I have mixed feelings about this post. I really dislike Walmart and only shop there as a last report….. I can relate to the unhelpful Walmart associate (and yes I can appreciate the fact that they get paid next to nothing… not exactly a recipe for friendliness). HOWEVER, I would like to say that were I at Walmart shopping when this situation happened I would have been given Hollie’s children a dirty look as well. I have two children (under the age of 3y/o), I get that kids have meltdowns at inopportune times or that toddlers rip UPC stickers off of things….. but here’s the thing. If your kid is playing with the plastic bag turntable, or screwing with the handicap platform, or grabbing every item off of the aisle then perhaps you shouldn’t take all of your kids grocery shopping with you. Let’s not blame this all on Walmart associates….. lets take a look in the mirror, take some responsibility for having unruly children, and cut the poor Walmart associate some slack. Next time our (and yes I’m including myself) children act like brats at the store… why don’t WE apologize to the poor folks around us instead of getting upset when others give our misbehaving children dirty looks.

  2. I’m not sure how this post can be consider “extremely offensive”. I didn’t hear Hollie asking for “personalized service” or expecting for them kiss her ass. I believe all she asked for was a little respect and understanding as a fellow human being.
    I don’t care how much money you make, how overworked you are or how exhausted you are- attitude is everything. Just because someone doesn’t make a lot of money they get a free pass for being rude?

    Well written Hollie 🙂

  3. I find this post extremely offensive. That employee works for minimum wage, is probably over worked and exhausted. Maybe we should have more empathy for these folks as oppose to expecting them to kiss our asses. If you want better and personalized service don’t shop at a big box storr

  4. Oh Holly….Holly! I NEEDED that laugh after the day I had today! Don’t you just love it when you are spending YOUR money in these STORES…and you have to deal with the attitudes from the cashiers. I have a twelve year old, a two-year old and the youngest will be a year old in January, so I could relate to EVERYTHING you just said in your blog! I feel that every time I go through a checkout lane it is the same experience, no help and always an attitude especially from WALMART employees. I hate to do it, but sometimes I have to spend a little more money and shop at Target instead because “most” of the employees at WALMART are not customer service oriented! Wish you and your family a Happy Holiday!!! Thanks again!

  5. Bwahaha! This happened to me a few weeks ago. Almost EXACTLY the same thing, except that I split my items into three tickets and my kids headed for the new “electronics” area that they put up front with the big TVs that are sitting on stands in the walkway. My 1 year old proceeded to fall on her face and another Walmart employee returned her to me while my 4 year olds ran back and forth between the check-out line and the electronics area. It was the LONGEST 5 minutes of my life, but on their behalf… we were 2 hours past nap-time and they had been in Walmart for over 2 hours including eating lunch there. They were just done with it all!

  6. That was hysterical! It’s even funnier knowing that it is just not the Walmart you went to, but pretty much EVERY Walmart. If it wasn’t for their cheap prices, no one would shop there. Totally why I’m a Target person, the emploees are so much friendlier. The cashier today even forgot to ring in a few of my items because she was too busy “flirting” with my little man in the carriage =-).

  7. This is EXACTLY why I don’t ever go to Walmart. Lower prices or not, I don’t need to treated as if I am bothering them. God forbid they ever greet me or ever know where anything is. Holli, they treat me like this even when I am shopping alone without my kids so dont think it was anything that your typical 3 children did. I absolutely hate that store because of the workers. I’m not saying ALL are that way but most of them are THE unhappiest people I’ve ever encountered. Oh and are the cashiers slow!!! I’ve actually left half an hours worth of shopping at the register and went home because I felt my heart pounding through my neck. I was in line for almost ten minutes without moving and the cashier was just flapping her gums. The other lines weren’t any better so before I started going postal, I decided it be best to quietly leave without me making a scene. HATE that place.

  8. Amen. This intolerant, unempathetic person quite obviously was *not* a parent. 🙂 Been there, done that too many times to recall with my lot and the checkout is usually the last straw.

    Hope your next shopping experience is a better one! Happy Holidays!!

  9. I have been on both ends of the spectrum here. I have worked at Wal mart and at Target. I also have 2 of my own girls and and 2 borthers that I take care of on a regular basis. All 6 and under all of which can be handfuls at any given moment.

    It is in the hand books at both places that you are to smile and greet each person that comes through your line. I know it isn’t always that easy and a there are always enough problems in your world not to smile at a coustomer. I was taught to leave my problems in my car. But not everyone thinks that way. A lot of people have the mindset of my day is crappy so I’m just going to pass on the crappy.

    I’m always sorry when customers get treated with disrespect. No matter the circumstance. After so many times at walmart I have figured out which tellars are the best to go with. It may take ten more minutes but I would rather go to someone who I know isn’t going to be grumpy then save 10 minutes and have terrible time.

  10. I’m a little surprised that your expectation was for more than what you got. I am always pleasantly surprised when a cashier has a pleasant reaction to my two children (3 and 1) acting up. At my local grocery store, they always have a smile, but at Wal-mart? I have never had a positive experience at that store with “customer service.” Make a choice not to shop there – it will be far more beneficial to your sanity than writing corporate a letter – and the “savings” will be greater than the dollars you save shopping somewhere unpleasant. Remember, YOU only had to endure 5 minutes of that, too, and the checker has an entire day – or life – of that ahead (and with a sour attitude like you’ve described, I think she is far worse off). Sorry the experience sucked, but it sounds pretty standard for Wal-mart, in my opinion. I stopped shopping there years ago, and have never looked back.

  11. I completely understand this from both sides. I have 2 kids, ages 2 and 6 months and it is hard to go shopping with them and they do not always behave. BUT it is important that they learn, we can’t just stop taking our kids out because it is hard and it may annoy some people. Our children need to learn how to behave in public and the only way to do that is to practice and yes they will make mistakes. I also understand this from the employee’s point of view though. I worked retail for 7 years before I has kids. While the employees behavior was wrong and rude please remember that Christmas time is NOT fun when you work retail. It is busy and stressful and people can be sooooo mean to you. Everybody is in a rush and upset at the cost of things and mad if you don’t have that certain thing they just NEED in stock. And customers do not go through the proper channels to voice their complaints, instead they yell at the lowly employees like they actually have a say in the cost of something. Now I am not saying that the employee exhibited proper customer service but just remember that you do not know who they dealt with 5 minutes ago…

  12. I have had this soo many times that I almost expect it! but my favorite was last year at Christmas we were buying some ornaments for my mom “Grandma” and my almost 3.5 y/o wanted to pay. We were at Macy’s with an older cashier, my 3yo reached into her empty pocket and pulled out “magic money,” she told the cashier it was magic and handed it to her asking to buy the item for her grandma. It was so cute I almost cried, the cashier on the other hand gave me the look of death. I said Merry Christmas as I swiped my card and walked away with the proudest little girl carrying her bag she paid for with “magic money, from her magic pocket.”

  13. SOOO true!! I hate even going to certain stores because of the rudeness and lack of customer service. This happens all too often and companies could care less about the customer these days and they do not train their employees to care about the customer.

  14. aren’t Walmart employees required by store policy to smile and ask you how you are? I am pretty sure I read that somewhere.

  15. Loved it! I can relate and I only have one! My partner and I were recently in our local walmart and every employee we ran into was either complaining and rather loudly or being very rude! Not the most pleasant shopping experience!

  16. i get it. i have 2 kids under the age of 3 and im always “that mom w the annoying kids” BUT you were at walmart so were you expecting bloomingdale service? the person serving you has def never heard of an origami stroller much less afford 1/8 of the stuff you purchased for your children for the holidays. they get paid nothing and have to smile all day long at people like ourselves that can afford to buy whatever we want. did you smile or say hello, and i mean in a nice way not a “ill kill you with kindness way”?! thats what i consider when i am tempted to get angry about half ass service.

  17. That’s how i feel almost every store i go to with my two kids- I hate it when i get bad looks for having actual kids that are not completely silent! yesterday at the coffee shop the darn guy did not know how to enter in our order (seemed to take 10 minutes!) and my 4 year old dropped a small milk on my 2 year old and the lady behind me made the rudest comment- shut up lady, they are not your kids!!! so annoying!

  18. I was at a department store once when my 2 yr old daughter starting having a full blown tantrum, it was ugly and I was doing my best. A fellow shopper, older lady with a friend, game me AND my daughter some super ugly looks accompanied by uglier remarks. If I had help to escort my daughter a little ways away and out of sight I probably would have decked the #*%&@! Instead I simply smiled at her and said “She is 2 and sometimes behaves badly, but she will outgrow it. What’s your excuse????”

  19. What Walmart did you go to so that I can never go ! I went to my Walmart here in Aurora with my 1 and 4 year old and the same thing happened to me. It made me so mad hwo the cashier was acting. It’s like dont give my kids attitude give it to me and see if I dont put you in your place real quick. But because I know that the kids can be a handful and just wanted to get the heck out of there I just went home as fast as I could. I didnt even want to start a fight and be there any longer than I had to. I love your letter and maybe you should mail it to corporate! I know i would and see if maybe it will improve the stinking attitude at your walmart.

  20. Haha, I totally relate. Only my three are 11, 8 and almost 2. And it is no quieter or easier. You are not alone.

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