Delivering New Toys to Sick Kids at Levine Children’s Hospital!

Delivering New Toys to Sick Kids at Levine Children’s Hospital

The Junior Gizmo kids took the initiative to start a toy drive completely on their own in February in order to make kids in the hospital feel a little better. It was my 4th grader’s idea to start the toy drive after being inspired by another child’s book drive at his school. He recruited his older sister and they both set out to collect as many toys as they could.

The 4th grader made an appointment with the school principal to share this “Toy Drive Plan” and got the green light right away. The made boxes and signs for both the grade school and middle school and spent weeks telling as many kids and teachers that they could about their call for toys. They even made a plea to some of the toy companies for donation and we were very grateful that Step2 stepped up to the challenge and donated a bunch of toys to the cause. Thanks, Step2!!

After 30 days of collecting toys, it was time to deliver them to the hospital. In today’s Baby Gizmo video, watch as the Junior Gizmo kids headed to Levine Children’s Hospital to deliver a little joy to the kids.

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