Delta Children’s Products Dedication to Safety (VIDEO)

I had the privilege of flying out to see behind the scenes at the Delta Children’s Products Safety Testing Lab in New Jersey a couple weeks ago. Since safety is a big priority for me, I was delighted to see exactly how Delta safety tests their cribs, strollers, toy boxes, and walkers.

Delta is a family-run business that was founded more than 40 years ago by the Shamie Family who still runs the company today. The brand sells more cribs than any other brand worldwide. Since a baby’s crib is the only baby product designed to leave your precious baby alone in it for up to 12+ hours, I’m so happy that Delta is known for safety and innovation in their cribs.

At the Delta facility, I had the opportunity to speak one on one and get a tour of the safety lab with the President of Delta Children’s Products, Joseph Shamie. Yes, from THE Shamie Family. His father built the company from the ground up and after just the first few minutes of our conversation, I knew that this man was genuine and committed to keeping babies safe in their products.

“I have to sleep at night,” said Shamie. “I want to make sure I make the very best product and I’m confident making that product.”

Whether it is with their cribs, strollers, or other children’s products, Delta goes above and beyond the standard of safety testing to make sure that the product they are making for babies are the very safest products. They have eight safety-testing facilities worldwide to ensure that the Delta products meet the highest standards.

For example, the standard test to check the structure of a stroller is 72 hours and that isn’t good enough for Delta. They do their test for 300 hours and that just gives you a taste of how much they go above and beyond in safety testing.

Delta Safety LabWhile I could go on and on about the details of their safety lab, I thought it would be appropriate to take you behind the scenes with a Baby Gizmo video to show you.

Overall, I was super impressed at the commitment and dedication that Delta and the Shamie Family have to baby product safety. Joseph Shamie is even a board member for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). No wonder that they are an industry leader and the world’s largest manufacturer of nursery furniture.