Designed to be Forgotten

This post brought to you by Quilted Northern. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Baby Gizmo.

Our bathroom time is usually something we don’t talk about. We go in, we do our business and we move on. It’s not usually the topic of dinner conversation. Well, unless you are my 5 year old, then it just might be.

The best bathroom experiences are the ones that we CAN forget. If I am still thinking about what went down in that room, it’s no good. No good at all. One of the things that makes it a good but FORGETTABLE experience is the toilet paper, am I right? Ain’t no one got time for scratchy or thin toilet paper! I’m not lying to you when I say that Quilted Northern is THE only type of toilet paper I buy. Seriously, I found a favorite and I’ve stuck with it through all my adult years.

That is why when Quilted Northern came to us to explain that the brand is celebrating the fact that their bath tissue gives you a forgettable experience with the Quilted Northern is Designed to be forgotten™ campaign, I was intrigued.

The idea behind the campaign is hilarious so I jumped on board! While Quilted Northern toilet paper provides a great but NOT memorable experience for you; your ill-fated bathroom objects may not have it as easy. That’s right, think of all those poor things in the bathroom that get subjected to the bathroom business over and over without an escape in sight. Think about it – the rubber ducky on the edge of the tub, the monkey toothpaste holder perched on the sink or the animal towels hanging on the bath hooks.

So, I got to thinking about the poor objects in our bathrooms and I immediately thought of Mandy the Mermaid. Yep, she has a name. She hangs out in my daughter’s bathroom with a front row seat to all the toilet happenings. She can’t look away. She can’t dive underwater. She can’t even swim to safety. It’s all right in front of her. You can even see by her mermaid body language that she is trying to get away. She’s clearly not happy about it.

To provide you with some laughs and some more examples, Quilted Northern launched a series of entertaining TV spots that highlight the unfortunate predicaments bathroom objects witness during our visits to the bathroom. Those poor objects don’t have the privilege of forgetting a bathroom experience like us!

Here’s my favorite:

These spots, such as “Daddy Gator,” “Little Miss Puffytail” and “Great Grandpa Thaddeus” are directed by renowned Director and Academy Award Nominee, Bennett Miller, who clearly has a sense of humor. The three TV spots, plus three bonus spots can be seen on the Quilted Northern YouTube page. Check out the Designed to be Forgotten videos, have a good laugh and be thankful you can so easily forget! You can also check out other ideas on Quilted Northern’s Facebook page. 

Want to join in on the fun? We’d love to see your poor bathroom objects with the unfortunate front row seat to your business. Just post a photo on social media and use the hashtag #HelpMeForget.