Details To Consider Before You Decide On a Stroller

In the last 6 years I have owned 6 different strollers. They have each served various purposes and have all had great features, but here’s the thing: having had that many strollers I now know what specifics are the most important to our family. I think you’ll agree, these details are really important!

Details To Consider Before You Decide On a Stroller

Before you decide on a stroller, consider these details …

Cost — This probably seems like an obvious thing to think about first, but you may be surprised to hear that I’m going to tell you to spend MORE on your stroller. I have owned both budget and luxury strollers and although they all get you from point A to point B, luxury strollers really do work better. But, the real clincher? Resale value. You aren’t going to need a stroller forever so it isn’t a bad idea to invest in a higher priced stroller that you’ll enjoy more knowing you can resell it for a decent price down the road.

Basket Size — Never underestimate the necessity of a large and easily accessed basket. As parents we always have extra supplies to tote along and having a large basket to hold a diaper bag, purchases, blankets, snacks, and more is essential.

Fold Up Ease — Wrestling a stroller is the worst thing ever. Before you buy, make sure to ask friends or watch a Baby Gizmo video to see how easy the stroller you are considering folds up.

Extras — Some strollers comes with extras (car seat adapters, pram, cup holders, snack tray, sunshades, etc.), some don’t. Know what comes in the initial bundle and what you may or may not need to purchase separately. This can obviously make your cost fluctuate quite a bit, but, can also save you some if you don’t feel like you need all the extras. My personal favorites when it comes to extras are a cup holder and a big sibling ride along attachment.

How many strollers have you owned? How did you come to your decide on your favorite and what features do you love the most?