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  1. hi i have a 2 yr old and 17 weeks pregent n longer with partner and im wurrying about how i will cope and my 2yr old being pushed out hes a mummys boy and wurry about how he will be with baby eny tips

  2. Hilarious! And so true. My third child is 6 months old, and I have to say that I the only taking-it-easy-because-I-was-pregnant occurred the last three weeks before his birth. Still, that was due more to the broken ankle than the pregnancy! My five year old and two year old didn’t allow for any slowing down. And hey, 8 1/2 months pregnant at the lake, well lets just say that the kids thought I had my very own built-in personal flotation device!

  3. Oh, goodness can I ever relate! I’m 23 weeks and have a newly two year old. Things are so very much different! I gave up caffeine entirely for my first pregnancy, this time around I’m so tired from chasing after my energetic toddler that I simply can’t function without my sanctioned single cup of coffee, and I always long for more.

    I also realized recently that I have no clue what’s going on with the baby development-wise. With my first, I was so excited about the changes each week brought. “Fingernails! She has fingernails now!” “The baby can hear this week, honey, talk to her!” My mind is way too busy repeating mantras designed to help me keep my patience, to recall those facts, and I’ll be darned if I have time to pull out the books.

  4. Too funny! I can relate and agree with everything you said. My first was 13 months old when I got pregnant with my second. I recently saw a picture from when I was 7 months pregnant (#2 is now 5 months old) of me jumping in a bounce house with my toddler…I am sure most people around me thought I was crazy, but I was just being a mom. I think that is a huge difference. You are so busy being a mom to your first, you don’t have time to process if “the books” say something is okay to do or not. That and that fact that you don’t have time to day dream all day long about the baby you are pregnant with, so the pregnancy flies by! But, once on the outside, baby #2 receives just as much love as that first one did.

  5. My pleasure Dee, and I completely feel the same way. We too are concerned about the challenge of making both children feel equally loved and that they have our attention, but we won’t know how to manage it until it happens. Hopefully, it’ll come naturally to us 🙂

    Vanessa, my advice is to thoroughly enjoy every moment of this first pregnancy. Because the next one will be totally different! If you have “liked” the Baby Gizmo Facebook page, you should read some of the comments to this blog. The mothers are all exhausted! It’s not easy, but we love it 🙂

  6. oh nos….i’m pregnant with my first baby and the descriptions sound completely accurate. I don’t want to give up the romantic dinners and weekend afternoon naps!

  7. I’m 26 weeks pregnant with my second and my daughter turns 1 tomorrow! I’m so busy being a mom that being pregnant is more of a physical condition than something that I think about constantly like I did the first time. I have been fortunate to have easy pregnancies, but lugging around a 1 year old and this gigantic belly at the same time is no easy feat! I keep saying I will try to do my best for my new child to feel the love and attention that my current child has but it will be nothing less than a challenge. Thank you for this post! I relate 100%.

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