It’s not a dinosaur but its still pretty big!

Current Sunshine Kids JP Radian XTSL in Nitro

Sunshine Kids Juvenile Products are changing the brand name of their line of car seats.  In October the seats will be rebranded as Diono.  The changes don’t stop at the name – they will also become 3-in-1 seats.  You can use the new Diono seats from rear-facing to booster.  They will still be the great radian seats you remember but better.

The new line will include the Radian R100, Radian R120 and the Radian RXT which reflect the old line 65SL, 80SL and XTSL respectively.  Riders will be able to move from the harness to booster at 50 lbs.  The new seats also include space for up to 4 cupholders.  If you are a member of you can catch a glimpse of these new seats.  For everyone else, Sunshine Kids should be making the announcement of the change in the next couple of weeks which will hopefully include more information and plenty of pictures.

This big name change may also mean a sale on the current radian line-up because the only thing better than a radian car seat is a less expensive radian car seat!  If you need one today be sure to check out the sale at where you can find these seats from $183 for the 65SL to $215 for the top of the line XTSL.  Not all car seats fit in all cars but offers 365-days of Free Returns so if the seat doesn’t fit you aren’t out a couple hundred dollars.