Disney Animated Short Feast – Bonus Content of Big Hero 6

One of the coolest parts of my job are the perks such as interviewing the masterminds behind amazing films such as Big Hero 6. A few weeks ago I went to Los Angeles to sit down with some of the inspiring people behind McFarland USA, Big Hero 6 and Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast.

In the middle of all those interviews, we had a chance to chat with the director (Patrick Osborne) of the adorable animated short film that plays before Big Hero 6. If you saw the movie in the theaters, you saw the short film “Feast”, and if you didn’t, it will also play before Big Hero 6 on the DVD/Blu-Ray when it comes out on February 24.

Director Patrick Osborne has worked as an animator on Disney favorites such as Bolt and Tangled.  Osborne was head of animation for Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Oscar-winning short Paperman before working on Feast, a project that he pitched and worked on until the finish.

Feast director

Most of you know that I’m not a huge dog fan but I’m coming around since our puppy (Gracie) joined our family a few weeks ago. Whether you are a dog fan or just a fan of relationships, the tiny pup, Winston, will grab at your heartstrings in Feast. This short (that took 3 years to make!) follows Winston over years telling their story through what Winston eats.

Disney Feast


When Osborne came up with and pitched the idea, one of the inspirations for Feast came from homemade video clips he took of his dinners throughout that year. He wanted to show a man and woman’s life story through what they eat. The idea of adding the adorable Winston came a bit later. I loved that Osborne said that they spent an entire day with dogs to get good ideas for facial expressions and facial expressions.

Feast is an adorable short film before Big Hero 6 that you don’t want to miss. Big Hero 6 comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray on February 24, 2015.