Disney Animators’ Collection Elsa Mini Doll Play Set Unboxing

Welcome to What’s in the Box? Wednesday! Today, video is a little bit different. It’s more of an “unboxing” because our Baby Gizmo tester already knew what it was. I picked up one of these adorable Disney Animators’ Collection Elsa Mini Doll Play Sets from the Disney Store on the Disney Studios Lot when I was in Los Angeles last weekend. These sets are also available online and at other Disney Stores nationwide so we thought it would be a great toy to feature in a video. Plus, this play set is so cute that any little girl (or boy!) will love taking the Disney Frozen fun on-the-go.

Frozen Elsa Playset

Our Baby Gizmo tester shows you the entire set up close and personal in today’s Baby Gizmo video (aka… What’s in the Box Wednesday?”) Hey, the toys do come in a box so the title still holds true. 🙂