Disney Frozen Elsa Doll & Toddler Dress Gift Set Review (VIDEO)

Parents, I know, I know… if you hear the song “Let It Go” belted out by your child or blasted from an iPad one more time, you may start going postal on people. Can we still say “going postal” or is that not allowed anymore because we are insulting postal workers? Either way, every child who loves Disney’s movie Frozen is in love with that song.

Good news! The toy we are reviewing today will appeal to your little Frozen lover BUT does not make any noise. It has no pre-programmed, never-ending “Let It Go” or “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” to make you want to feed it to the garbage disposal. This is a quiet gift idea!¬†Yes, quiet toys still exist.

Now, we can’t guarantee that your little one won’t spontaneously bust out a “Let It Go” verse as soon as she puts on the dress, but at least she’ll probably tire of that and just play quietly as opposed to a toy that she could just push a button to play the song until you officially commit yourself.

We saw this gift set in the store and just had to review it for you. So without further ado… here is our review of the Disney Frozen Elsa Doll & Toddler Dress Gift Set:


The cheapest we found the doll and dress gift set was Target. That’s where we bought it.