Disney It’s a Small World Doll Collection

Disney Small World

When we were at Disneyland a few months ago, we picked up an adorable singing Disney doll that has become a new fixture in my daughter’s room. Unfortunately, it has also become the main attraction for my 5 year old to annoy anyone who is trying to concentrate on anything in the house during the day. While I adore the “It’s a Small World” song from the popular attraction at Disney World and Disneyland because it brings back memories of my childhood, my husband isn’t the biggest fan. Well, let me clarify, he isn’t the biggest fan of the song being played in our house 75 times in an hour. That is what happens when this adorable China girl doll has been hijacked by a 5 year old with a vengeance of keeping dad from working.

That is the only bad part of the Disney Store’s It’s a Small World Doll Collection. If you don’t have a 5 year old doll hostage taker, these 16″ dolls are a big hit with the girl crowd. There are 8 dolls to choose from and each one sings the Disney classic “It’s a Small World” in two languages – English and a native language. We have the China doll so after hearing the song in English by lightly pressing on the doll’s belly, it repeats in Chinese. One of the neatest things about this collection is that the songs are sung by real children from that country for authenticity. Luckily, there is an tiny on/off button that can turn the singing off. Just incase, let’s say, if it has been played 26 times in a row.

The dolls are dressed in traditional clothing and are available at the Disney Store on sale for $20 but it looks like only 6 of the 8 dolls are available – China, Mexico, Kenya, France, Japan, and Holland. Hawaii and India are no longer listed.

These dolls aren’t just meant for kids because they make great collector’s items.

Take a peek as our Lil’ Baby Gizmo tester shows you one of the dolls up close and personal.